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  1. Here's the thing... I recently spent several hundred hours making and testing a mission pack for DCS, set in the Persian Gulf, US VS Iran, with SP missions split between the Tomcat and the Hornet. Probably put more work into it than I have for any content I have created for any other games, which over the years have included Janes WWII Fighters, XvT, X-Wing Alliance, Strike Fighters 2, Il2 1946 (the SAS BAT mod), Skyrim, and now DCS. Every single mod I've made for any game has been freeware: a labor of love and a way to give back to gaming communities including other modders whose stuff I really like. Between the mediafire site and the ED user files site, this latest pack has been downloaded over 120 times in the past month since it was put out. It's gotten zero reviews, and zero feedback, good or bad. I've finished four of the six missions I was planning for the second phase of the project, but now I doubt I'll bother to release the follow-ons. I've noticed other mission makers here in the forums posting their work and asking for feedback. You can't improve a process without it. Bottom line: I'm about done releasing the stuff I make to the community. The biggest problem with DCS right now is it has no depth. ED has made all these assets, but unless you know how to use the ME there is nothing you can do with them except for a very few paid campaigns or the stuff that people create and put on line. When I put all those hours into mission / campaign creation, release it as freeware, and then hear nothing but crickets, posts like the OP make me feel a little sour. 'Nuff whining on my part. Carry on. ;)
  2. You can copy a mission file and then unzip it with winrar or 7zip or something like that if you want to look at the contents, but don't do it with your only copy of a .miz file because once you extract it, it cannot be re-zipped and used as such. It IS possible to use a program like 7zip to look at or replace files within the .miz folder by opening the archive without unzipping it, but once you extract it it is corrupted as far as the game is concerned.
  3. Sometimes you can do everything right and the missile gets you anyway. The technology gets a vote. ;)
  4. Don't think this would be possible in its current form, because the ME accesses game assets and such (liveries comes to mind as an immediate example), so in order to have a standalone editor you would have to duplicate a lot of game assets anyway. Someone from ED undoubtedly has a better grasp of whether it's possible or not.
  5. Hey Redkite, question for you. In the mass launch Tomcat lua I attempted to change the livery from "VF-32 Fighting Swordsmen 101" to "VF-24 Renegades Low-Viz" by changing all the Livery ID entries. It changed them all to the VF-103 Jolly Rogers Last Ride skin instead. Any idea why it would do that? (Or what I did incorrectly?)
  6. I tried to use it like the one for the Hornet and couldn't get it to work at all. Zone V every time, baby.
  7. My biggest gripe with DCS for a long time (so #1 for fixing on my 'wish list) is that it's a mile wide and an inch deep. Rather than just hi-fidelity aircraft models, I'd like to see ED focus on the product more as a game in terms of its roadmap. For example, pick two or three different decades and concentrate on those in terms of modules, maps, and so on. WWII is an obvious choice for one of them. Yet I still have to ask, why a map of the Marianas, rather than the Solomon Island chain (The Bismarcks) where so much more fighting took place, in diverse scenarios, for so much longer? We've got Korean war vintage aircraft, but no Korean war map. We've got Vietnam war vintage aircraft, but no Vietnam era map. The Persian Gulf map is great- the portion that is finished. I'm still a little incredulous that the mapmakers managed to miss the island of Bahrain in its entirety. What we also lack for that map are sufficient Iranian, Saudi, and Iraqi assets and modules- again, a lack of depth. We've got a LOT of mid to late Cold War vintage aircraft, but no maps that go well with any sort of Cold War scenario, and very few CW era naval units. The Caucasus map is pretty but in terms of realism is severely limited for any realistic large-scale East-West conflict. In reality, no western navy would put any substantial naval force into the Black Sea expecting it would survive against Russia. True Cold War (or east vs west) hot spots (map locations) should include Germany, the Med, Norway, and the Kola. What ED has done so far is analogous to this: created the best chess pieces ever made, the best backgammon board, and the best D&D dice, and called it a game while announcing the upcoming release of some awesome checker pieces and a new, custom made gameboard for Monopoly to go along with the existing assets. What I would like to see are aircraft, maps, missions, and non-player assets that are era / conflict specific with one another. If you want to make something like the P-40 Warhawk, great. Make the Nakajima Ki-43 to go along with it, some Japanese bombers, theater and era -specific liveries and asset packs, maps of Kunming and the Burma Road, and produce the "Flying Tigers over China" campaign for DCS. This has been achieved to a degree with the Normandy / Channel maps and WWII stuff that is out so far, and needs to be done in other eras. Once a particular conflict/era is fleshed out and playable, move on to the next one. Janes used to be good at creating not just study simulations, but simulations that were still polished, fun games to play. What I think ED should do is pick a past conflict like Korea or Vietnam, or a spot on the Earth for 'The War that Never Was' or something like that, make a map or two that's feasible for the era, and begin fleshing them out in terms of modules, asset packs, and campaigns. Third party module-makers should then be challenged to participate in that same milieu. Modules, particularly aircraft, need to be released in more finished states when they go into early access, and they need to be concentrated on, finished, and polished before the devs dive into the next project. For example, why develop and release the F-16 before the F/A-18C is even close to finished? (We know the answer- because a new product means a flood of new money, even when it's released in a beta-state.) But people will also pay for the other things that make it a game as well. You can carve the prettiest chess pieces in the world, but you still need a gameboard to use them on and opponents (real or AI) to play against or they are just decorations. The Super Carrier module is great, but there isn't much out there in the way of opposing (or even allied) naval units, civil shipping, and so on. And I'm sorry, but user-made mods don't count in that asset tally. Just my .02. The work being done in DCS is incredible, but if you want to broaden the player base and make a study sim that people want to stick with, it needs depth in terms of maps, missions, and assets- not just aircraft so detailed that we can argue about how the cockpit labels are smudged. It doesn't need the 'mile wide, inch deep' approach. It needs to be about a quarter mile wide and deep enough for diving. ;)
  8. Looks to me like the NATO woodland pattern, but colored incorrectly, like the bastard stepchild of woodland and desert camo.
  9. Same issue this morning. Took me aback for a couple minutes, then tried logging out and back in, and everything was back to normal. Sort of relieved to hear I was not alone on this one- obviously a board hiccup of some sort.
  10. jmarso

    Best Module.

    I'll let you know after the A-model Tomcat hits the streets. Until then, the best module is- wait for it-
  11. I've noticed there is one in the saved games folder, on in the main game folder, and yet a third in the 'Bazar' folder. Can anyone explain the relevance of the three, and what goes where (generally speaking), and why? I'm assuming all 'mod' liveries can go in the saved games folder, but from the time I was a noob until now I think I've been sticking various livery mods all over the place. I'd like to get straightened out on what's what.
  12. Thought of another one: In the unit list, add to the filters a line for filtering by 'late activation' as well as red, blue, country, etc.
  13. Still having the same issue with AIRIO in every mission I build- it works just as advertised, EXCEPT for link hosts. For whatever reason, the software will not recognize available link hosts, either ship or airborne.
  14. The trick of making the units you don't want attack invisible works pretty well.
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