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  1. so looking forward to the corsair !!! can`t wait to drive it and attack the japan unit!! So do we have a A6M AI, i think i read it from some website sometime ago
  2. First, congratulate to ED, you are making a really great module. I have never have such enthusiasm on a module like her !! But tailking to the george, i think we do need a function that when george killed one target, he will automatic lock the next target and wait for your permission to engage. (or like the jester,you can let him track the next target) I always try to attack a convey on apache,but i have to re-designate target after every single attack. Can you think about it ,THX
  3. which video is this?? landing?? I can`t find this reply under landing video, i wonder if wags delete this reply
  4. really love this mod and thx for your work I really hope it can be a official module and you be the real 3rd party. I think everyone will love to pay for this beauty
  5. I think most confused me is the aim of head tracker on the target ,wags didn`t tell us whether because of the wind (kenterky wind he mentioned?) or because of the helicopter aerodynamics
  6. So loving this mod!!!!! I always dream flying any balckhawk in DCS, although it is just a mod,but i have fallen love with this beauty. Just a few questions to ask,guys. 1.I set the the ESSS to clean in mission editor, and when it is a AI, it will not have the ESSS,but when i sit in the aircraft, ESSS just appears. I can only call the crew to remove it, is there a bug or something i did wrong? 2.when i land this,i always find she will automaticlly slide into right or left, and stuck to the ground with two wheel and my rotor broke.But during takeoff,it will not have this problem,and no such problem in other heli in dcs, I tried many times but still can`t understand it,it is kind of weird, maybe i did something wrong
  7. LOVING THIS MOD,just a question,how can i remove the esss wing, i can`t remove it but spudknocker removed that
  9. Really hoping for this module and can`t wait to get it ! Carry on bro ! Please always remember the concern from the community is based on our love and passion, maybe during your dark days we show some unfriendly . So sorry for that , just remember the community is always with you
  10. yes,so i think the function is already in the game ,ed can just fix and combine them into a "walking systerm", that may cause less cost
  11. hi,dear ed and the community I know a lots of people want the ground funtion and with some FPS feature(walking,shooting,etc.) , however as a fact of the performance and the terrian systerm right now, it will be hard to accomplish it . But what i think is a more basic and easier way. As we all know,we already have the function of walking after ejecting. So why we separate it to a divide function , and add some animation(or not) then,add a script that we can enter a empty vehicle or a cold aircraft nearby. Just for buring the player`s immersion during the mission. Imagine that,we respawn not in a aircraft but in the hanger near the aircraft,we can control our player moving around the aircraft ,then we go under the cockpit and press a button (such as "e" or "f"),and we move into the cockpit (may be just teleport the camera in it) Or we respawn in somewhere las vegas, we walk towards a empty hummv near my house and press a button to enter it ,then ,drive it to the nellis and get out the car, get into a A10 to start the day......... I think it`s not a diffcult fuction,and nothing matter with performance and the engine For my opinion ,i prefer feeling like being a pilot not a part of the aircraft than shoot guns like FPS game in dcs world (it doesn`t mean i don`t want it, i just think is less important than you can get into/out a vehicle freely) And what do you think guys?
  12. i really want a H60, especially the HH60G when the apache release,we have good gunship in both red and blue force.But for the transport helipopter,the huey is too old and weak. using the hh60g,we can do a lot of CSAR and even some CAS mission, she has a lot of advance sensors and have fbw systerm for flying. It must be a joy to fly this beauty
  13. Actually some time ago i searched the audio file of the F18(before it was locked),it has a audio coming from bettey like "mode four reply",that is a IFF audio.So i guess ED just haven`t found the way to simulate the IFF,maybe in the future,it can be showed in some ways
  14. i think the real problems is: DCS ground AI have unreal accuracy when you control a vehicle in CA,even your 20mm gun hit the heli,they don`t fall down at once,becuase you can`t keep hitting them in a short time but AI can so in the real world,MI24 or A10 have a good chance to survive the vehicle gun,because they can`t keep hitting you,they will hide,run,lose the target and so on. They are human,they have limitations. But in DCS so far,they don`t have things like that,AI is more likely a turrent with AESA and fire control computer. That is sad,and before that change,helicopter in DCS have less chance to survive than the real world
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