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  1. Mig23 and the Mirage F1 is guaranteed buy for me. Hopefully we will able to fly the Mig23 in 2022, cannot wait. We really need more Soviet aircrafts high fidelity, my wet dream is Mig31 (OMG if only.. even a Mig25 would be so awesome) and Mig29 high fidelity but i'll settle for a Mig23 on the short term , best of luck in your work
  2. Indeed you are right, it is very likely that it is linked to this (server was probably in late afternoon, i dont remember exactly) and perhaps also due to lag on that particular server i was on because lately i gave it another try and i didn't have this issue
  3. Well we still have the issue on the Georgia at War server. It seems like the HAWK Sam system when deployed by a helicopter ( CTLD ) do not really work for some reasons. Maybe it is a server issue? but it would be nice to know for sure what exactly is the cause.
  4. That is for me really a fantastic news to learn that you are still working on the Mig21, I really hope that we will see an update of it, I would pay for that like i paid for the A10CII or the BlackShark update. Please make it happen, this module is really special in many ways and thank you for sharing this info.
  5. Same issue but with Mi8 as i only flew that so far, since this new patch now i crashed three times in a row after some time in GAW. I was almost never crashing before. I did all the usual stuff, delete fxo, metashaders and reset the shaders in AMD control panel, but something is very wrong for me with this patch on open beta, i need to go back to stable.
  6. I have the same issue with Petrovic being blind, cannot find targets even though i can see them myself very obviously within range parameters, it is really random, sometimes he sees them if i am dangerously high, but if i am below 500meters i have serious problems, lately i could not lock anything so i made a test flew on purpose to commit suicide on it and he couldnt see the target until the last moment as i crashed into it online, his aiming cross on the hud was always right on the target but he refused to see it. Right now it means i cannot fly the Hind online until i figure out if it is my mistake ( maybe i damaged the gyros? but i made sure i didnt so not sure) or if something needs to be adjusted by the devs, offline it seems to work ok for the most part.
  7. I do not own WWI modules in DCS but based on my very old experience on another simulator in the early-mid 2000s ( Cheers Oleg! ), isn't the K-4 supposed to have not so good elevator authority beyond 550-600 km/h and a slow roll at high speed like most 109s? If true, then it should give some allied planes like a Mustang or a P-47 an advantage if they make sure to have enough altitude and never fall below 350mph? MW50 is limited to a few minutes right?
  8. Would be an instant buy for me, glad to read that they are still working on it.
  9. Honestly, it will not be nice to say but I would agree with Snappy. Out of all the modules I have, it is probably the one I use the least by far ( and basically almost never use now) due to its limited capabilities and no updates or variants. The module itself is decent, don't get me wrong, it is a really nice aircraft to fly, you get great pilot sensations as it is not FBW. It is definitely a good module to have and if you value this plane emotionally, you will not be disappointed, it is a piece of history. However I do not think that it is a better starting point than any other module or that it would teach you anything better. To me it does not compare favourably to several other modules which have received more consistent attention. As some people explained, Air to ground is basically WWII style and thus a lot more challenging than CCIP/CCRP on more modern jets, your loadout choice is very limited for both A2G and A2A and the aircraft is underpowered, it is not really popular online except on specific servers that restrict the planeset so once you're done with the sp campaign, it has less potential IMO if you only own this module. Some modules are a bit complex like the A-10 or the F-18 if you really want to master them, that is true but they are also worth the time and efforts in my opinion. But there are also modules like the Viggen , Mirage or the Tomcat which are a bit easier to get started with. The Harrier is also really interesting. If you have to own only one module for now, i think that the F5 is not the one that offers the most in "gameplay" terms.
  10. Thank you for your reply, indeed i managed to find the tacview trackfile from when it happened, unfortunately it is 10mb ( GAW server) so i couldnt link it here but what i gathered from it is that right before i spinned, i was in excess of 520 knots in a turning dive and the aircraft ailerons were perhaps excessively trimmed as to compensate after the ordnance release. I could not manage to get out of the spin, but i think that going forward i will be a lot more careful right after release to check speed and AOA before trimming ailerons in a heavy handed way ( especially at night which is when it happened to me) Many thanks as well for your really excellent videos that i have learnt a lot from, particularly with the Harrier
  11. Did not manage to reproduce the issue today, i suppose that it is because i may have over trimmed the aircraft prior to release of the outer bombs. I will keep using Mk81s 250lb bombs on the outer pylons with asymetric loadouts to see what can trigger this but i suppose it is likely to be excessive trimming as i compensate right after releasing jdams or a maverick. 70+ views no replies, i guess either my question was very silly or else nobody ever had the spinning issue with the Harrier.
  12. Hello, I had the issue twice today for the first time entering spins and losing control after releasing bombs from the outer pylons closest to wing tips where sidewinders are usually sitting. I had an asymetrical load with the ecm pod in the center line and tgp under the wing, and 1 ir mav left when i entered a spin just after releasing those bombs and making a turn away from the target. I would just like to ask first of all if i am alone to experience it and if there is a way to prevent it please or a way to recover during the spin. When i do not carry those 250lb bombs or rockeyes and just have sidearms, sidewinders or nothing on these pylons, i never had the spin before. Thank you for your help.
  13. Thank you Wisky, replacing them will be the way to do it then, it makes perfect sense though if you had 8 TOOs 10 minutes before but only 3 new targets to replace, you will still have 5 "wrong" TOOs to cycle through if you are not careful but it is really a minor inconvenience.
  14. My apologies, everything works correctly as it was an error on my part as i did not use the IR cool switch apparently because when I prepare the IR Mavericks on the ground and activate it, they get ready on time so let me take back my previous post, I have no issues with weapon selection.
  15. I would be interested as well to know if it is possible to delete target points or mark points. As it is what i try to do is to use markpoints if i have too many TOO or TOOs from a previous and distant target zone (which makes cycling between targets less practical as you approach for a multiple jdam release pass). If we can delete old targets TOOs to make it cleaner and faster to cycle between the new targets TOO or if it is possible to replace the old targets TOO with the new targets, it would be useful.
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