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  1. If there is not a way, is there an updated list of stations for Syria? I saw in a recent changelog they added new stations. thanks!
  2. Just wanted to add my voice, TADS on pilot or CPG VIDEO page causes huge frame drop.
  3. I have experienced this with every single flight I have used George Down Long (re-scan area). When I don't use this command, I never get the MSL NOT READY indication.
  4. Yes, it’s just adhering to ED’s new policy of encrypting their game. I guess we should be glad we at least got some years being able to mod to our hearts content.
  5. That will break things until we make enough of a stink. Even a large stink may not convince them to decrypt any of this, and our frametime gains are gone.
  6. This screenshot alone should warrant some more investigation by the ED VR team, please .
  7. Neither of us are using it, we will make a track next flight. Thanks bn
  8. Oh boy. Just did my first flight in operator this patch and I can confirm - 10x periscope view causes EXTREME, sickening cross eye in my Reverb in VR. please take a closer look at this ED
  9. Hi there, when I am the front seat operator in a cold helo, the rear pilot will go through his start procedure and nothing happens up front. The main rotor will be spinning for him and I’m hearing nothing, no APU, no engines, main rotor is dead still. Once I quit and rejoin the crew everything works. any ideas?
  10. Working as usual for me. Repaired DCS prior to install. I'm not sure if that works to uninstall the old version, since I stupidly don't use a mod manager, but no errors here on Syria. Thanks again speed-of-heat, you rock buddy!
  11. Testing now. Thanks for your work as always.
  12. Best of luck. Maybe you can look into disabling whatever is done to change trees? I wasn’t aware of anything. Possible the simple grass causing the issue?
  13. How about Syria? I haven’t reinstalled the mod yet since this warning about new speedtrees.
  14. Literally the only change i made was running SP missions on my dedicated server before and after. I also changed my windows defender exploit protection settings, but that was after my first stutter-free trials.
  15. Tried a few more missions on Marianas today, didn’t notice a single 70ms CPU spike. I’m very cautious to call this extremely elusive problem fixed, but I’m very happy at the moment, and absolutely willing to run a dedicated server every single time if I have to!
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