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  1. Welcome to VR gaming. You are always *almost* happy no matter which HMD you have. And there is always some announced HMD which will arrive soon and change our vr lives forever
  2. Just keep in mind that all forms of reprojections work absolutely terrible on 6900xt compared to Nvidia. Also if you are MSFS guy avoid 6900xt.
  3. I usually only fly in VR. Just tried flat. F18 River Run I get 75-80 fps on High preset (3440x1440). On flat panel DCS is limited by CPU I think.
  4. I have 6900xt for almost year. Drivers still suck for VR. ASW and its variants are still unusable.
  5. Just note that pimax 8kx does not have better clarity than g2. Yes, it has higher resolution but all these pixels are also spread over much bigger fov.
  6. Pimax 8kx is hit o miss. It just does not work for some face shapes. So if you can try before you buy, or at least buy from amazon
  7. I had 3080 prior to 6900xt, but it was almost 8 months ago so maybe my experience would be different today with all drivers updates. But back in December 2020 situation was like this: With 6900xt I was getting more FPS than 3080, but at the same time frame times with 3080 were more consistent. Also motion smoothing (index) and motion reprojection (g2) was pretty much unusable on 6900xt. Looking back for VR I'd keep my 3080. If'd by shoping for GPU today it would be 3080 ti
  8. if money is no object you could by Valve and tell them to design new hdm for you
  9. Facebook told that they will support oculus vr api in existing games forever.
  10. this "changes everything" stuff is getting out of hands
  11. Windows only compresses memory which was not used for a long long time. It does that instead of moving it to page file. It also uses very fast compression that barely has any impact on CPU.
  12. It was not even addressed by AMD devs. Nothing changed. Motion Reprojection still introduces terrible artifacts.
  13. SteamVR/Video Settings/Application Specific settings. If you set Throttling behavior to Auto and your PC can't get reliable 90 (or 120 in this case) FPS gets halved. And since motion smoothing is disabled you get 60 fps without motion smoothing too Long story short if you want to benchmark dcs in VR set Throttling behaviour to Fixed max fps disabling mothing smoothing at the same time
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