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  1. I give it three days or so before we can get the Atlantic Conveyor in our hands.
  2. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317047/
  3. CVA-01 by Christmas confirmed. Time to put her to sea with my Cats and other liveries.
  4. Now all we need is CVA-01 herself and my life will be complete.
  5. Holy hell blew mine right out of the water no pun intended.
  6. So it would be better for him to just do the CVA-01 or something other than Atlantic Conveyor, because odds are SA map will release 2022.
  7. Yes. Malta class as they would've been as built (bottom) and a rendering of a modernized version (top)
  8. You would be incorrect, this is CVA-01, the proposed carrier design in the 1960s, not Ark Royal. CVA-01 was much larger and probably Tomcat capable.
  9. Awesome! And if you're maybe feeling extra ambitious,
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