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  1. Ahh yes you did indeed! Need to get back into the Jug. Excellent module. I will be back on the WW2 thing soon enough. Been taking a huge break from simming lately, mainly due to broken hardware but Thrustmaster graciously replaced the broken stuff and I am now getting back up to speed with ALL of my modules (there are so friggin many!) I was trying to use google translate to figure out what the REM could be in french actually so thanks for clearing that up
  2. Yes, absolutely massive round of applause to all the devs. Module is in a VERY good state for initial EA release and has already given me some of the tensest dogfight moments I have experienced in DCS over the years. The systems are modelled with a nice depth like the C101. Model and texture could use a little bit of polish (details under ailerons etc etc) but it's already a very aesthetically pleasing aircraft. Liveries selection is top notch. Get a real sense of history flying it. Can't wait to see how it develops and already eagerly anticipating your next module announcement THANKS!
  3. just buy it and wait for it to come to stable then you dont lose out. only way to be certain without exact dates from devs which prob aren't available as of right now
  4. I think you need to increase the MEM dial if the contact drops off scope too suddenly. Check out redkite's short vid on the radar EDIT: REM* dial. REMemberance, not MEMory
  5. CLEARLY the bird noises threw it off. It's not gonna wreck itself for the case of a seagull. Good defense dude!
  6. who at Pimax ok'd the decision to use white subtitles on a white background on the OP video post??
  7. I would also be interested in this utility for a couple other apps i run which rely on target gui in order to cooperate with my hardware correctly
  8. A lot of folks struggling to get their heads around the fact that the rudder has a trimmer system as well which no other DCS helo has currently. Best advice, which has helped others, is to keep the controls indicator open and see what is going on with your inputs. Sometimes if making small corrections with rudder trim, releasing back to centre may sometimes not register which may be because of too large of a deadzone being set on the corresponding axis. This in turn can cause wild swings. I really struggled at first and was so surprised as fly helos all the time and consider myself pretty good but after watching the controls indicator i have learned how my hardware is interacting with the sim/module and now get on fine 95% of the time. The other 5% is just me being silly lol
  9. Yeah for sure, I am definitely on the fence about it but it is one way of looking at it. I don't see it as "video-game-a-whatsits" though because at the end of the day it's a sim, we dont have a dude in the front able to say "3000 yards, tall building, tree opposite, BMP..." or something to that effect. Unless you are multi-crewing on MP which is amazing fun! DCS is never going to offer that kind of experience in Single Player with an AI though so an audible cue and a very non-intrusive (optional) symbology may be a way of allowing those not able to experience this "crew fidelity" to get that bit closer. Maybe? I take your point entirely though, it wouldn't be for everyone
  10. Yeah, i was just thinking that in the apache you have the CPG's sensor point which you can see so if George were calling out targets as they appear you would have an idea of where they were but with Son of Peter you don't really have that (which is realistic) BUT, conversely, you also dont have a person in front of you able to point and talk you on to the target so some sort of small visual cue would really just be "simulating" that experience. It wouldn't have to be too accurate either like just a rough area to be aware of... That was my thinking anyway.
  11. Just a general question regarding the helo AI co-pilot behaviour. I know both are still very much new to the sim and still under development so I am not griping. Just curious to know if there are steps being made or planned to be made to make the AI co-pilot/gunner more of an asset in terms of searching for their own targets and notifying the player pilot when contact is made. As well as this, will there be some kind of visual aid implemented which will allow the likes of Petrovich to "show" the pilot briefly where the targets are. I am not sure how this may be achieved but I think bending the limitations of "reality" may be in order to allow the AI buddy to really become an asset to the player. (i.e. a "visual recon" red cross briefly flags up on screen over the spotted enemy location, for instance) At the moment they really aren't much use in terms of increased situational awareness from a two person crew. Thank you
  12. with the hellfires, try set to LOBL instead of LOAL and see how it gets on. I think there are constraints which i have not got around to reading about just yet for the various LOAL modes. LOBL works every time for me
  13. Let's wait and see what they tell us in the video about George. Maybe some of what they have been developing will improve aspects for Petrovich too. Who knows. Some kind of visual feedback about targets the AI cpg has found would be lovely though it has to be said. Currently flying and finding targets can get pretty tricky.
  14. for 109 you will have a much easier time leaving the prop governor off for takeoff roll and as soon as you are wheels up you switch it back on. full hotas is highly recommended, for added immersion if nothing else
  15. I regularly leave rpm at 2550, interconnect the boost to throttle and fly at 42" MP. Once dogfighting it is occasional advances on throttle to full open and adding water injection as required when climbing hard. Works quite well. I will refine the use of the controls in future but for now I am happy with the performance i get from this approach. Aside from this it is just about situational awareness and energy management in the turns.
  16. Cant remember if i ever shared this one here but here it is anyways
  17. Syria map is an Ugra media product not an Eagle Dynamics production so you have posted in the wrong forum section. I am sure in time, when Vulkan is implemented, that you will see better results. It is all a waiting game for now buddy
  18. You must be new here... If you want to pick at a FM you have to provide real solid evidence, not just "feelings". Don't get me wrong I mean this respectfully and only say this to try to help you get your issue dealt with effectively. No snark intended. I am curious now as you have irl experience and most do not but without "evidence" it won't get looked at too hard...generally speaking. What folks tend to do is chart real world test results vs. in-sim testing and compare and point out to the devs where it is wrong. Without this the answer will generally be "correct as is" In terms of your twist stick issue, you generally will never use 100% twist/rudder except from on the ground and even then it can be avoided. So what you could try is reducing the "Saturation" of the axis to around 70-80% and dial in a curve of, say, 20-30%. This will allow you much more finite control for those awkward moments. All the best dude.
  19. They are working on the 2022 and beyond video as we speak. I have a feeling there will be some sneaky peaks then potentially. Who knows. That's my best guess though
  20. First dude looks like a 40k Space Marine......heyyy waiit a minute....!
  21. Oh the hypocrisy is strong in this one. This has got to be the most cringe thread I have ever read on these forums! Give respect, receive respect. Simples. Fine for me
  22. I would definitely turn v-sync off. I have a 60hz 1440p monitor and do not use v-sync. Never have and do not get head track stuttering. I remember some issues years ago when I first got into DCS but I can't for the life of me remember what it was that sorted it out for me in the end. One thing to check is the general "health" of your rig. With your hardware you should be holding good enough frame rates with higher settings than you have. Have you checked that your RAM is running at the correct setting in your BIOS. CPU-z is great for telling you what is actually going on with your rig. A massive one which could really help is your paging file needs to be set correctly. If you have 64gb of RAM I would be setting at least 32gb aside on your windows drive and assigning your paging file to "custom size" to allow it to use this space. https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/how-to-manage-virtual-memory-pagefile-windows-10,36929.html You have to remember to keep that space free on the drive going forward though and deselect the "Automatically manage size" box in the settings window. As Bossco says, making sure that the USB isn't being suspended by Windows is very important too
  23. Can you share your system specs please and is it TrackIR brand or another head tracker you use?
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