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  1. Just picked up a few paid campaigns for the 18 and I thought I'd get at least one for the 16.....there are none except for the redflag one? What's the deal?
  2. I found a work-around. If I start VA up AFTER I have powered up the aircraft then it works fine I think. I do have some question on whether or not NOTES are populated later in the mission doing it this way though, Notes doesn't seem to be populating. So maybe that tells Vaicom devs something...don't know but at least I don't feel like I've wasted money if functionality is not affected by starting it after DCS.....I know it says not to in the manual but it's all I got.
  3. I've only been SP so far. Only thing I did was setup the joystick/buttons. I've already tried disabling MP based on other posts. No Joy.
  4. I've fixed the issue with it recognizing keywords, so kneeboard / show notes works now. I had to train everything like 10 times. My only issue now is the listening/suspending issue when starting cold.
  5. 2. No mods other than SRS and I haven't even set that up yet BTW, I've basically disabled everything and tried every setting on this page, restart after each and nothing seems to change the outcome. Export.lua
  6. Which settings?, that's a lot of screenshots, and I'm pretty sure at this point it is nothing wrong on my end due to the following: I did confirm what was found out in the other listening suspended topic in this forum (which I don't see a solution on a very big, older thread which is concerning). It is only a problem in a cold jet, works just fine in a hot or in flight start. So it works fine until you hit the fly button or you are starting cold. I have 3 campaigns I just purchased and not going to modify 100 or so missions from cold to hot start if anyone suggests that I did put in a support ticket to support@vaicompro.com
  7. I've put in a support ticket, let's see how this goes and if they stand by their product. It's not VA for sure. Neat trick, while in the seat, hit ESC to bring up the menu...voila VA works as intended...now say a command as you normally would, hit ESC again and the command will be executed.
  8. Yeah I did the finish step, I went from top to bottom on the install docs. The voice recognition seems to be better on Windows 11 for me, when I first tried this stuff last year after getting more into VR with my Win 10 machine, VA with Vaicom wouldn't recognize much of anything but I had been using VA with another paid for space sim profile using plugins and it was perfect. So, at least that's not an issue. My biggest issue now is the listening suspended problem. Funny thing....hit ESC to bring up the DCS menu, give it a command, then hit ESC again and the command will complete. Honestly thinking of wiping everything out and starting over.
  9. Ok, so going down your list, show log and notes are not coming up during a search of the profile. I have not added anything during the editor session, no alias' nothing. All I did was go through each one and train it. Yes I did hit finish. This is a fresh download and install as of yesterday morning, including VA. I have 502 in the Keyword Collections category, I have all optional Vaicom modules. The editor claims a number of 1011 phrases, but I know there are some under the Edit page of the profile. Now as far as the transmit not "holding" It works just fine while DCS is not running and I have VA up with the profile loaded before running DCS. It works fine until I hit fly in the mission and get in the jet, it goes back to resumed/suspended when holding the button down.
  10. I've had soooo much trouble in the past with Vaicom that I basically did not want to touch it ever again. I just got a new PC and Win 11 so I decided to give it another try and the frustration flows like the dark side through Vader. First thing. Kneeboard refused to work, trained it in the editor and got 95% or greater confidence many times. Thinking good I got it, nope when actually in DCS it thinks I'm saying "need boar" Boar is tasty but I want my f'in kneeboard. I had to reboot for another reason and now it works. Let's see if that sticks. Great, so I can get the JTAC AAR, and other tabs just fine, but I look in the docs and to get to Notes, I'm supposed to say Show Notes, cool I see that in the editor and I train it to be sure. In game..nothing, also says unrecognized so I check the profile and do a search for notes and there is nothing??? Is it a hidden sub command or something? Either way it doesn't work. So what phrase do I use to bring up the notes tab? I've tried "notes" just like "JTAC" etc and nothing. No consistency here Why would Show Notes be in the Editor yet not in the profile itself? This is a freakin' pain. Next thing, sometimes (I'd say actually 60% of the time) My PTT buttons (Comm switch on the Warthog) do not keep listening when holding. I hold the button and it listens and suspends immediately. The other 40% of the time it works. I have not determined why this may be happening but sometimes it starts working during the mission. I don't have issues like this with other VA profiles My post a bit harsh? Well it's paid for software so I'd expect it to be top notch with proper documentation...not seeing that at the moment.
  11. Dude, I've had so much trouble with the kneeboard. I've trained the word and it even says 95% confidence or higher with each saying. But when I am in game it thinks I'm saying need board. it has been a pain in the backside to say the least. A restart and now it works fine, except for the Notes tab which will all the documentation is supposed to be show notes but that doesn't even exist in the profile. argh.
  12. The biggest thing to me is that when you are firing upon infantry with a 30mm, they just stand there firing their ak up at you. Don't run, don't take cover. Same with vehicles, they seem to just say, well damn, this looks like a good place to die right here.
  13. Did you turn on VOIP in the server settings?
  14. That white dot for me only shows if I have the radio menu up in the top right, it does not show for the voip menu no matter how much I move the + around
  15. In the past I've noticed that if you don't have enough VRAM then it uses RAM to compensate. So RAM use would depend on how much free VRAM you have.
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