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  1. I have the Channel map which I like but it does seem it will be engulfed by an expanded Normandy map so wonder that that will play out. Improving the Normandy map is good news.
  2. I am very, very satisfied with my VR experience in the Mosquito. It is a work of art. I don’t have a Reverb G2 so can’t advise on that but my Valve Index and RTX 3070 do it for me.
  3. The subscription model doesn’t appeal to me but what I take away from the current crop of YouTube reviews and announcements is VR will only get better for us in the months and years ahead.
  4. This works a treat! I’ve copied them into my Viacom for DCS profile. Thank you very much Terry Dactil!
  5. I’ve partially set it up and I think it is going to be a winner but time will tell obviously. It’s been well thought out for the MSFS2020 and similar target sims but will suit warbirds rather well I think. I have a simple hand made button box to fill in any gaps there might be. For some reason I can’t explain my Virpil throttle was hyper sensitive for the axis in the Mossie but the Honeycomb is just right for it. My take offs and landings have improved significantly as I now have finer control of the throttle and RPM. Having dedicated flap and gear levers is very nice. I’ll use the Virpil for jets I think and the Honeycomb for props. It looks like the trim wheel, being a rotary encoder, will be difficult to set up. I might just keep that for MSFS for which it works beautifully out of the box. That’s not really a problem as I have the trim controls set on my joystick anyway. For the asking price it is rather magnificent, based on a day or two’s experience with it.
  6. Thanks Helles Belle for checking with Honeycomb and reporting their response. I was wondering about those images. I’m in the process of setting up my new Bravo for the Mosquito. So far so good.
  7. Thank you Terry Dactil. An excellent solution. Thanks also for the mossie profile.
  8. Of the three flight sims I use (DCS, IL-2 and MSFS) IL-2 needs far less fiddling to get very good frame rates and maxed visuals but the ground textures don’t look as good as the DCS Channel map for instance. DCS requires a lot more fiddling with settings but that brings rewards. Once the map gets busy my frame rates can drop rather quickly however. I look forward to Vulkan and what that should bring to VR in DCS. MSFS is still new so I’ll give it time but it is a bit of a pain to get looking good while maintaining reasonable frame rates. I’ve been flying the DCS Spitfire on the Channel map lately and am seriously impressed with the quality of that map and with the Spitfire.
  9. I would like to see for WWII North Africa, Mediterranean, Sicily, Italy. Korea for Korean War era aircraft. Vietnam for that conflict era aircraft please.
  10. I’ll be taking out prison walls and Gestapo headquarters whereever they can be found.
  11. This looks like a fantastic module. I’ve downloaded and copied the folder to the mods directory but on loading DCS says it is unauthorised and will be disabled. I would be happy to pay for the Goshawk if that is required but didn’t think that was necessary. Any help will be appreciated.
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