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  1. Why isn't something like this made for every reasonably mature product?? (Aside from the fact that Baltic Dragon hasn't figured out how to clone himself yet) I would gladly pay an extra $10-$20 a module for something of this level of detail to be included as part of the module. The best part about it, was how it was presented, you didn't get bored, historical references, etc. Exceptionally well done. The voice over actors must have been exhausted at the completion of this campaign. I can't think of any mission in which I didn't learn something significant and more importantly practical. It really made you appreciate the full depth of the systems modeling within the A-10 Keep up the great work!!!
  2. Understood, I am all for suspending a little realism with regards to radio silence in favor of enjoyment but understand not everyone feels that way
  3. Hi Reflected, Have played all of your campaigns and this one is by far your best. The inclusion of banter makes all the difference in my opinion. It passes the time, gets you invested and is just entertaining. Although I have enjoyed all your campaigns, I always felt the long silent trips over the English channel under the accurate guise of radio discipline left a lot on the table with regards to campaign enjoyment. Please consider the approach you used for the Bones campaign for your future ones! Well done sir!
  4. Thanks Jayhawk! Didn't think of that! I like the little bit of added realism!
  5. Hello, For some reason my f14 won't launch in this first mission but will during instant action missions where I taxi up to the cat. -taxi to cat -directed forward till told to stop -kneel as directed, bar hooked up -directed forward till told to stop -guy twirls his finger around and I spool up -give the salute (I can see myself salute in the mirror) ....still twirling finger...no launch I have tried this on cat 3 and cat 4 and with or without jesters checklist. Same procedure works fine for SC instant action carrier qual with f14A Any help is appreciated
  6. Great Campaign as usual. The only issue I had was with the AI taking off on the missions that start at High Halden. They all taxi down to the runway, take the runway but do so perpendicular to the runway. Then they power up and go 90 degrees off of the runway right into trees/buildings whatever is in their way. I suspect that this is a DCS issue and perhaps not unique to the campaign but I wanted to make you aware of it
  7. Thanks....I look forward to the minor change and will likely refly that mission. I am liking the new campaign progression options
  8. Just wanted to pass along my kudos on this campaign. I have completed most of your other campaigns (aside from the P47 and F14 ones). I liked how this one played to the limitations of the aircraft which could best be described as a "pig" in my somewhat inept hands when it came to air combat. Thought it gave a good mixture of bomber type intercept and ground attack and kept it interesting. It was also nice not to have to fly across the channel all the time as in the P51 and Spit campaigns. The only hiccup I came across was it seemed like the trigger to use smaller bomber formation on mission 6 didn't work which made it difficult since I was using VR. Overall great and keep on doing what you do!
  9. Received my Vive Pro 2 late last week and I have to say I am pretty happy with it. Ended up using ultra settings (full pixels/90 hz) in Vive Console. DCS I pulled back some sliders and use 0.8 PD but get 45 FPS for most everything. Only using a 2080ti. It was an internal battle being so pleased with the extra pixels compared to the original Vive Pro looked so good but ultimately 45 fps was better than 30 fps for a combat sim and 0.8 is almost as crisp as 1.0 PD. Overall it seems smoother than the original Vive Pro. MSAA doesn't seem to do much for me in my view point. In MSFS I get a very smooth experience and in iracing I easily get 90 fps. P3D 5.2 I can't seem to get to work with it, but I have plenty else to keep me busy
  10. I actually have a couple of these but shelved them once I went to VR several years ago. Might be worth dusting them. Do you find it easy to index which button you are on? Any "tricks" you do to help with this?
  11. Hi, My Vive Pro died yesterday. Ordered the Vive Pro 2. I am wondering with the high native resolution per eye, is anti-aliasing even really needed anymore? Running at 2080Ti
  12. Just wanted to give my kudos to you again for yet another great campaign. I have to admit that I was a little concerned in the beginning of the campaign when it was a little "slow" but you really came through in the end. I also understand you were limited a bit by keeping true to the novel. Top notch voice acting as always. I even learned a couple things about the plane through it as well. I had always been spoiled by the BRA reports from control and I had to work on my bullseye which I enjoyed. Keep up the good work! Take a look at Dan Hamptoms Viper Pilot, might be a good book to base an F16 campaign on
  13. I think it is a great idea to keep it in there. It definitely makes it more accessible. Being able to refuel also adds a touch of authenticity, especially for something with as short of legs as the Hornet. I think the one time where I decided not to refuel I made it back to the Stennis with a 100-200 lbs of fuel left!
  14. Hi Glyn, I didn't make use of the easy AAR. I have been using VR for a while now and find AAR in the hornet(or any jet with the receptacle in front) to be very easy
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