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  1. I am not against the Me262 and clearly there has been an issue here over and above the aircraft not being modelled. But as an issue through out DCS not just WW2 there is a lack of real period opponents for multiplayer. If and that is a big IF the Me 262 enters the game then the Tempest would be a nice to have to face it. Of course this being a high grade simulator we could answer the great question. Let is add in the Gloster Meteor MkIII. These were deployed to Belgium in early 1945 but did not meet the Me262 in action. The Meteor III was slightly slower than the Me262 at optimum height and had only 4 x 20mm canon. However, it could climb much higher, had more reliable engines, that were easier to use. The rates of turn, climb rate and dive rates were very similar. I think a general expansion of the WW2 part of the game would be awesome. Maps, planes etc but let us all see what the future holds.
  2. It is relatively easy to add F10 menu items in the mission editor. However, I would like to do this with a script so it can be loaded once the mission loads as I can then use this on every single mission I right. Also is there an API I can reference for the Lua scripts? I am happy coding, I do it for a living but usually I have some documentation of what I am coding to and so far I have not found it for DCS. I am sure I am blind and missed it somewhere. Regards Jester
  3. I would not get your hopes up for a classic dogfighter. This is not a Turn and Burn fighter, it would however, be lethal in the bounce. Fast with lots of firepower it will bring down most aircraft with a single well aimed burst. The power, inertia and speed will carry it away from trouble. As a bomber destroyer it will be outstanding, also excellent against other heavy fighters such as the Me110 and Me410 or the Japanese equivalents'.
  4. OK, I am familiar that these are held under saved games in my user profile. However this does not appear to be the case. When I am using the mission editor they don't appear in the options for the country. I have checked the file and the countries = {"UK"} is set or no countries at all. So here are some questions. How does DCS select which folder to search for liveries from? What does the folder need to be named for a given aircraft and does it have to be the same as the one in DCS itself? Is there a log file that I can check to see if there is an issue with the liveries on application start up?
  5. The Hind is unique in that it can both transport and fight. It is multi-role, from VIP transport to counter-insurgency or attack helicopter in on the modern battlefield. Only imagination will restrict it. Personally I have none so I will rely on others to create interesting missions.
  6. Steam was showing 31st May 2021 but that is probably a place holder. It will be ready when it is ready not sooner or later.
  7. Beware the evils of being a big fat chopper and VRS! When you are close to the all up max weight it would be really easy to get the aircraft into VRS when descending at a low speed. Also I would recommend a rolling take off when you are all fat and lardy. However, once you have smite the enemy and launched some rockets and missiles, burned some dinosaur juice she will be just fine.
  8. Lateral stress on the landing gear is not good. If you find yourself coming in with a lot of sideways then either correct that with cyclic or turn towards it so the wheels roll with it. Landing sideways on a boat is about a lateral movement to be over the boat then match it's speed. Then once you are there down you go. But make sure the wheel brake is on. Nothing worse than rolling into the superstructure or worse into the sea.
  9. I am sorry to disagree but they are available on steam.
  10. Can you take a UH1 and land next to a player who has ejected and pick them up? Silly question I know but adding a little flavour to for our fast jet pilots. Good for scenario development to.
  11. I think they are scheduled for update of some kind soon.
  12. With my limited knowledge of Soviet era tactics was that the Hind would operate more like an attack aircraft than a Western helicopter. They were meant to be aggressive storming into the target hitting an getting out. Think rotary wing A-10. Also the Hind is a tactically flexible machine capable of landing a squad of troops as well. Combine it will Mil-8 Hip and Mil-26 Halo for air assault. It also carries IR Air to Air as well. These one assumes is for engaging enemy helicopters. The Hind's armour and speed make it a formidable combat aircraft. Tactically the one word not to use about the Hind is fluffy. Would it have flown tactically similar to the say the American AH-1 or AH-64 with an observer helicopter doing pop up? I don't know but that is not the style of operations. And I am not sure if the Mil-2 Hoplite could have worked in that role. Overall the Hind is an awesome bit of kit. Now imagine a mission with some friends suppressing a hot LZ while they go in a drop troops with Mil-8s. Or even a DIY one inserting squads of Spetsnatz to rescue some hostages or take out a high value target.
  13. Trust me you throw the F/A-18 hard enough into the ground it breaks! Usually tyres but it is a carrier planes so it is tough. Also do try the MiG-21 it is also a tricky one to land :pilotfly:
  14. Makes me sad how poor the English Coast is in the Normandy Map. I was born and raised there and the map looks nothing like the area. So much is missing, even the basic geography. So many airfields.:(
  15. I can't buy the Channel map on steam as there is no price and no way of downloading it. One assumes this a known issue. But any idea when it will be fixed?:joystick:
  16. Nothing in my Steam version to suggest it. But the new features for the F/A-18 are too cool.
  17. Somewhere out there in academia is an equation that shows the relationship between software complexity, delivery time and developer naivety. As a grizzled and hardened dev myself I can tell you the often over optimistic schedules that are either uttered by the developers or worse from sales who haven't even spoken to the developers. A wise person uses the following answer to a release date. They reply "Soon". This will result in people asking soon. The reply being "As soon as it is ready!" Now here is a thought. What if a development team threw a load of old rubbish over the fence for the users, even in beta, to satisfy a release date. They would get slated for it. The best to do is make it the best you can. If you miss the release because it is not ready so be it. Better late and stable than unusable and on time. :pilotfly:
  18. Is someone going to tell him? Steam says two hours to release. But that is not the vibe here it seems.
  19. "Good Gentles rant ye not." as Shakespeare would have said. First the code maybe, as already highlighted, on a separate branch. Second, although working fine in single player the code may break multiplayer even if the carrier is not used. There maybe performance enhancements in the patch that are linked to the carrier but not part of the carrier. I have no access to their bug repository so I don't know that for sure. You would all be really angry if this was unstable or stopped you playing online completely. I am sure there will be a release soon. Bitching and ranting won't help them and we are talking about the open beta release. ED will not release this with a show stopper bug that they know about. So when this does come out we will have plenty bugs to find and give the developers to fix. Yes they have taken your cash and mine, but that has paid for this development to be carried out and eventually completed. If we didn't help with the cashflow then it would never have been developed. No one is putting out their hand asking for more money. Just time to get it right. That time is costing them money in pay and resources not us. ED is not a charity or open source doing this just for fun. Managers hate this sort of thing as these sort of issues cost. So it is better to call off even at this late hour than release a bug into the master branch. The developers have burnt the midnight oil and eaten pizza, there fingers are sore from typing and the grey matter is aching from debugging all this. Going through logs when it says it is working an it is not. Looking for a needle in a haystack to crush the bug. If they release now then more panic getting a hotfix out. Long hours makes Johnny developer not so sharp. They do have to sleep and eat something other than pizza and Pepsi. Remember COVID-19 can be fatal, patch fever is not. So chill, grab your ride of choice and BOMB the heck out of your chosen enemy. Or if you prefer select some poor unfortunate victim in the air and let him discover the joys of parachuting while saving just the furniture from his stricken plane. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!
  20. Here here sir! I am also a developer and agree with 100%. People don't realise the effort that goes into a release. Professional development isn't all about code. It is its management, testing and packaging to ensure what we get works as well as it can. I was working my way through 10,000+ lines of code yesterday looking for something. Development is about determination and not a little tedious. So to the ED developers here is my :thumbup: keep it up chaps.
  21. Are all, any or no bridges destroyable in 2.5? I have yet to try it but I have heard some do and some don't and I want to write a mission with a bridge strike in it. Any help would be cool.
  22. I am on Steam for good or ill. What I find is usually, and 2.5.6 was exception, is that the releases roll out pretty much the same time. With steam it will patch as soon as it can. I don't have access to everything and mods can be a little more fiddly, but this is outweighed by the patching.
  23. Dr Jester has diagnosed a nasty case of patch fever. :P My medicine is first stay calm, watch the promo video a few times and practice launching and landing from the Stennis. I can't guarantee a cure but it might help with the symptoms.
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