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  1. Overall is should be airfield expandable, scrolling for ages right now is painful. It seems to be easy to implement.
  2. This, i hope ED will be able to make full fidelity Soviet 9.12 after all.
  3. Yes, it looks great. If buying Supercarrier module would upgrade Forrestal as well, Supercarrier module would have even more value. Win-win.
  4. I also have the impression some modules cockpits are not scaled properly being smaller or bigger than they should be. ED should spend a few hours to adjust them.
  5. Some jurnalist woman flies the Apache, i can imagine it has to be super easy
  6. Remember with such configuration you can throw supercruise out of the window. Drag index of non semi recessed pylons is big.
  7. Does it mean F-14A and B are too heavy right now in pylon-less configurations, like 4 Sparrows between engines or clean? Or too light in Phoenix and pylons configuration?
  8. Both trailer and aircraft looks fantastic! Thanks for your work.
  9. Why this is even a problem in DCS? Even old or very simplified sims had this implemented. ED has some true magicians in their coding department, they are implementing grossly more complicated things than time delay fuse, i doubt this would be a problem for them.
  10. I don't want to argue or anything, i just wanted to say, regardless of classified systems, even the very existence of more than 1 such MiG-29K in a mission would be a fiction. I like the plane i like also the XB-70 Valkirie, Yak-141, AH-56 Cheyenne but i don't think they should be modeled in DCS because it would be a fiction and alternative history. Even the least historically relevant and closest to prototype aircrafts like Su-25T or Ka-50 were bought by the military even if this were only some 8-10 aircraft series and used i combat in at least one conflict. I just think before the 9-31 or similar it would be better to make full fidelity MiG-29 9.12, MiG-25PD, MiG-27, MiG-21F-13, Su-7, Su-17M, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27S and so on. Non-military prototypes or test aircrafts later when DCS will run out of real, produced, combat used aircrafts options run out.
  11. I have found Yefim Gordon's book "Famous Russian Aircraft MiG-29", there is a quite detailed chapter about the MiG-29K 9-31. A few informations: There were two prototypes built nr 311 and 312, neither was production aircraft, both were different - the first didn't have a weapon control system and the second (nr 312) was grounded after only six flights of the trials. MiG-29K didn't complete its state acceptance trials. (Su-27K completed acceptance trials, it was selected and ordered by the USSR military as the Su-33, entering production in 1989.) MiG-29K didn't manage to reach maturity before the huge budget cuts sealed its fate, it not only didn't take part in any combat but it wasn't even bought by the military, not a single aircraft. The prototype remained property of the MiG company.
  12. I didn't even remember such things existed. Both looks fun to fly. When you think about is British aviation industry was really important even after the WW2, many groundbreaking, very innovative or at least really solid aircrafts like English Electric Lighting interceptor with two engines set one over the other, Avro Vulcan and Victor heavy bombers with advanced aerodynamics, Harrier Jump Jet the first operational VTOL, Tornado GR.1 low level strike aircraft with advanced navigation.
  13. I'm under the impression guys are quoting each other arguing, but i see practically everyone propose more or less the same: full fidelity Cold War / Desert Storm F-15A/C/C+ So what all this argument is about if practically everyone want the same?
  14. Classic Soviet 9-12, concave upper fuselage blended in one line with the back of the canopy, the best slick look Late Soviet 9-13, small humpback, broken canopy-fuselage line, still ok look Russian SMT 9-17, humpback, ugly
  15. I would say that's the reason i want the classic 9.12 (and maybe 9.13 in the future if they would have a full documentation) and not more modern "prototypes". In my humble opinion 9.12 with concave upper fuselage looks perfect and it's by far the most relevant all over the world all different wars.
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