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  1. Has anyone successfully completed this mission? If so, would you care to offer any tips? It's a pop up attack mission against a heavily defended target and i get shot down every time, either on ingress or egress and I haven't successfully hit the target yet because i'm too busy avoiding SAMs after I pop up.
  2. I apologize if this information is out there but I've been unsuccessful in my search. I'm trying to find a resource that describes the controller actions. Some of them are common sense but others aren't. In particular (among others), I'd like to know the "lock target" action so that i can set it on the stick. Thanks in advance.
  3. The video helped me get my pitch and roll back. Thank you!
  4. I attempted to upload a new F16 T16000m profile and now my flight stick no longer pitches and rolls or does any flight related inputs. Instead, I see in the MFDs that it's controlling radar inputs instead. I've tried restoring to the defaults but nothing seems to be working. I'm desperate for a fix as the sim is currently unplayable.
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