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  1. Today I had the same radio issue, as described by syzygy. Maybe it is a random problem...
  2. I had the same problem, I see the tower but which is the correct heading?
  3. I would like to test smart smoothing for complex missions and scenarios, which are your settings?
  4. Sorry, it was my fault, I wanted to post in the F-18 campaign folder... and then I realized that there was another post with the same problem, related to the new Hornet patches (ACLS).
  5. Really bad news about the 90 Hz lock, I'm rejecting any firmware upgrade, just in case...
  6. I run at 60 Hz without smart smoothing (8KX and 3090 card) and it goes very smooth, but recently I started a new campaign which uses the Syria map, and the performance dropped! Maybe I need an alternative setup that uses smart smoothing for such situations.
  7. Hi, Just started with the campaign, it looks really nice and immersive! After flying the first mission, I was wondering if I had to setup correctly the channel for DataLink. I usually just set to ON, but I was not able to see any flight in the SA page, and was assuming that there was an AWACS. Thanks
  8. I ordered the table mount for the stick, but without installing the stick (already in the chair): https://www.monster.tech/en/product/joystick-hotas-table-mount/ Then I use the MFD supports: https://www.monster.tech/en/product/mfd-tablet-mount/
  9. I feel that like yours
  10. Indeed! I also installed the winwing landing gear panel, and now waiting to receive Pointctrl!
  11. Thank you for the info. Finally I mounted both MFDs on a Monstertech support, but without any screen, I usually fly on VR.
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