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  1. You could just not move your head.
  2. Blaze

    Helmet Hanger

    It's literally just a looping animation, no physics calculated.
  3. Lol that was a mistake. Hope we learned something today.
  4. Spot light colors are set in the 3D model light sources themselves and cannot be changed by the user, same with panel backlight colors.
  5. The one bundled in your latest version of DCS should be newest enough for all your needs. Never saw the want or need to use one newer than your install. Same goes for the EDM plugins.
  6. It should work, just note that the EULA states anything created with a student version of Autodesk can not be distributed, since the licence is purely for academic and learning purposes.
  7. For anyone that can't download it in the module manager, the update ID for it is P47D30 if you want to run it via command line.
  8. I was able to get a link to my old 2017 download from an autodesk email I had archived, and the link was still valid. Lucked out I guess.
  9. It makes no sense for them to upgrade versions of Max they use every year, either. The licenses aren't cheap, and if the current version they use accomplishes what they need then there is no reason to rush to upgrade.
  10. I feel like this protecting of the files is a little too much IMO. Isn't this the whole reason of the server integrity check feature? I get it, protecting the editing of core module file to prevent cheating online, but you can just use the integrity check feature on your server if you care about that and lock out any edits to the sim. This would make both the "pure" clients and the modding community happy.
  11. Just bumping this as it is still an issue, you have to use this extra material otherwise for non-gray schemes in F1 view you get a gray stripe below the canopy because the texture is still default. Also the roughness_metallic properties of the canopy in F1 are not the same as the external model, despite me setting them to use the same texture. Hope this is fixed in the future, as the mismatch doesn't look good in VR.
  12. I have the same issue. I can select the custom pit livery but the default still shows. Works in modelviewer though.
  13. Example was very helpful, thanks c0ff.
  14. Blaze

    Falcon behind cockpit

    I'll take a copy, thanks.
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