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  1. Superstition I would imagine. It would appear there has never been a 13 release.
  2. I use Joy2Key and simply assign the release of the APU switch (and others) to a key. I then map the key to APU Off in DCS. Not the most elegant method but it works reliably and is pretty future proof of updates overwriting custom mapping. It can also be used for three position switches using a similar approach with a key for the middle position as releases from the switches up and down.
  3. No, you should have two Mods folders, one in Saved Games under DCS (or DCS.openbeta) and one in your main DCS installation folder under DCS World (or DCS World OpenBeta). The latter should have the MiG-19P folder already in it.
  4. You should also have a mods folder under your DC installation folder. Is it Steam or Standalone?
  5. There are some solid reasons from a development perspective why we might not see such a variant fitting into plans but IMHO this isn't one of them. "You people" whoever they may be can do whatever they want with DCS and pitch their favourite aircraft against whatever is competitive or simply just fun for them. Load up whatever aircraft and weapons they want the AI to have, pick scenarios that suit be they historic or fiction, make the enemy easy or hard etc. Although PVP may seem the holy grail for combat sim fighter pilots the reality is that it is a very small subset of players. What the vast majority of people do with DCS compared with what we see with online server activity can be (and most probably are) quite different.
  6. I think it is just personal preference and our different sensitivities to various aspects. For me any stuttering or loss of smoothness is a massive immersion killer. Either it runs at 90fps (which it virtually never does on my system in DCS) or I need motion reprojection. Any drop from 90 with MR on is in my opinion immersion breaking. Not particularly from a nausea perspective but it simply doesn't look right. No frame rate capping resolves that in my experience. Yet for others MR introduces aspects that makes it immersion breaking for them and prefer MR off and deal with the loss of smoothness. That is what works for them. Very occasionally my G1 drops to 60Hz (I get a message in WMR) and I need to restart the PC or disconnect and reconnect the headset to resolve it. If I miss the message and load DCS I can instantly tell and the flickering is unmanageable , I have to exit immediately. Yet some actually run with 60Hz through choice. It is hard for me to believe but again that works fine for them. For me, VR is all about immersion yet what works for making our brains feel we are "in the plane" can differ from person to person. There are no one size fits all answers which can make setting it up something of a trial and error exercise but there is a lot of good advice and pointers to help on these forums IMHO.
  7. Having tried and sold PointCtrl I actually find the whole looking at switches and using either my HOTAS or button box controls for switching them on/off or rotating knobs more natural. These things are down to preference and I accept I am probably in the minority here. I use Joy2Key and can switch between using the Trim controls as trim or to move the mouse cursor left right up down to get to those awkward to look at places. I also use the Warthog CMS hat as left and right mouse buttons and mouse wheel. With depress as a recentre mouse cursor. It works really well for me at least!
  8. I doubt it will retain the mappings as your new WH will have a different id However, if it doesn't you could always rename the files from the old device name to the new one. In Saved games\DCS (or DCS.openbeta)\Config\Input\Aircraft\joystick. Although you would need to do this for each aircraft For example my WH stick config file is named Joystick - HOTAS Warthog {55603120-BB61-11e9-8010-444553540000}.diff.lua An alternative which may save a lot of time in the long run is to use Joy2Pro and import all your current binds and remap them to your new stick given there will be tons of duplicates (axis. triggers, weapon release and so on) which you will only need to reassign once in Joy2Pro. It is a bit of work though to set up but worth it IMHO
  9. That is the screen before WMR has detected the environment. If you were to re setup your room boundary I expect the cliff house would load. Not that it needs to for DCS to be able to work and recentre
  10. I agree, some form of damping or smoothing with a slider to set as an option would be a great addition.
  11. I just copy the 3 0.6.3 ACC files saved in a folder to the dcs\bin folder after an update. Worked fine with this update.
  12. Baldrick33

    AH-64D VR

    Reverb G1 here. Before this thread I think I was filtering out the jitter in my head I just tried the Apache and bought up the VR cursor next to the IHADSS one. Both jittered equally. I agree about deadzone, thinking about it yes it would add an annoying lag.
  13. Baldrick33

    AH-64D VR

    I haven't personally noticed any issue. That could be down to my (lack of) sensitivity although I am normally very aware of any lag or jitters caused by framerate or poor tracking. Which makes me wonder if it is down to individual headsets or tracking environments? How do you find the IHADSS cursor in comparison to the VR cursor for interacting with the cockpit? I am comfortable with holding me head still enough to easily interact with controls with never feeling it is too sensitive to my movements. Using the IHADSS cursor feels much the same to me. Some kind of noise filtering or deadzone option for movement would seem a very good solution as suggested.
  14. Yay! Open Beta * VR. Blue VR cross is persistent and does not fade when not in use - fixed.
  15. Another big fan having just started using it. It seems a bit daunting at first but is surprisingly easy to use after a short while and seems to have been well thought out. I have been toying with creating a generic cockpit for the many aircraft I dabble with and this is perfect for that project!
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