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  1. My initial thought is the HP cable but that wouldn't explain the monitor screen losing connection when not using VR. FWIW I get the odd fail to connect and not able to run at 90Hz message with my G1, unplugging and replugging the cable always fixes it, It happens once in a while and seems to be just one of those things! I have got through four G1s and a replacement cable under a two year warranty so I hope the G2 is more reliable. Regarding the monitor losing connection and needing a reset that sounds more like a PC freeze which could a number of things, temps, bad memory stick, drivers, bios needs updating and so on. Of course it maybe related to the issues with VR if it only happens with the G2 connected?
  2. The point is you can switch and have your licenses transferred at zero cost to you. I have done just that in the past. Steam has its own rules around sales so there may be discrepancies between sales on Steam and Standalone from time to time
  3. I think sometimes people get carried away with forums as a representation of the customer base when it is often a tiny subset who desire something and quite often the same few people repeating the request over and over. However, I don't think we should dismiss suggestions as having no value to developers. Sometimes there is genuine consensus and a steer for developers of potential options and content that the wider community would appreciate - the feedback through discussions like these is far more accessible than surveying the customer base on a regular basis. I see no issue in throwing ideas out and seeing what the community reaction is. The risk is that it becomes somewhat repetitive but every now and then one will get some decent numbers supporting it.
  4. Mine shows 50% initially in axis tuning until I move the controller but I don’t have any issue when I click on fly now like @FalcoGeris describing, the virtual collective matches my physical one at 0. I don’t get the game freeze at start up either though.
  5. I think it was pretty clear what @buceador suggested. A well known racing sim gives you the option to prompt to save replays on exit. That way you can choose whether to be prompted and if it does prompt you have the choice whether to save or not. It gives it a unique session name so the saving is simply a matter of clicking Yes and either accepting the default replay name or calling it something you want. It works really well and would seem a good option for DCS.
  6. Looks fine. My only observation is the EDTracker pro assignments to collective & cyclic but I have no idea if they could cause any issue. Pretty sure I inverted the collective to make it increase when I pulled the WH throttle back but that was just preference (I don't use the WH throttle for collective any more preferring a makeshift collective setup with an old CH Pro joystick with the spring removed but that is another topic!)
  7. When you get a chance can you screen shot your axis tuning settings? I used a WH throttle as a collective and didn’t see this issue and am intrigued!
  8. It should be a slider. You may also need to invert it to work correctly with the WH throttle I cannot recall.
  9. I don't get that. Have you tried turning on/off the synch HOTAS controls in the Misc options? Is your collective axis set as a slider?
  10. I think that is a pretty bad example. There is a massive enthusiast market for people that prefer older cars but want the benefits of technological improvements (and in many cases the benefit of hindsight on some manufacturing decision choices!). They simply don't want a new one and will spend countless hours tinkering with their old one. What people want to spend their time and money on is their choice. Whether that creates a sufficient market to make it a worthwhile venture for a company is determined by what people are prepared to pay and how many.
  11. I think the key point is that there is already way too much content to support the relatively small multiplayer base across all terrains and aircraft era without some considerable degree of community organisation that it makes any further fragmentation irrelevant. I wouldn't even consider it as an issue.
  12. With everything I have learnt with Joy2Key, joystick gremlin and how the A10 and others use context sensitive controls plus long and short press variants I yearn to be able to program the steering wheel buttons on my car in the same manner!
  13. I agree with all of that. I use JoyPro which manages to do quite a lot of what you suggest without ever needing to use the DCS controls screens. https://github.com/Holdi601/JoystickProfiler
  14. I would highly recommend this mission for getting to grips with helicopters. Agility Training for all Helicopters (Apache, Huey, Gazelle, Mi-8, Mi-24P, KA-50) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309227/ Just fly around where you want, land on FARP & buildings, weave in an out of obstacles, fly in and out of hangars etc.
  15. You probably need to assign the twist axis to the rudder in axis assign. Just go into the axis assign screen and double click on the box against rudder and your joystick and then twist the joystick and it should register the axis. When done you should see a bar move in the box as you twist the joystick.
  16. I am far from a good helicopter pilot but I can pretty much put the AH64D where I want it. When I first tried to hover the Huey I was all over the place, I kept flying backwards. Now it seems quite easy. With practice it will come, be patient. If you are hooked though I would recommend getting some rudder pedals.
  17. To set up a slider, in AH64D Pilot controls click on Axis Assign, then click on your throttle axis and then click on Axis Tune. Then tick slider. You may need to invert the axis if the collective goes the opposite way to what you want.
  18. I use pedals for yaw. Does the X56 not have a twist function for yaw? A throttle needs to be set as a slider in the DCS controls axis tuning screen to be used as a collective.
  19. One of my pet peeves with DCS controls is it will automatically assign pitch, roll and yaw to pretty much any controller with an analog axis or more. So the OP may need to remove the spurious binds as suggested. A collective needs to be set as a slider so it has has 0% at one end of travel and 100% at the other rather than having a centre like a joystick axis. This will probably need to be set. Don't despair @AH64Dthere are many people here with vast knowledge of the controls system who will help.
  20. Thanks, I managed to work it out thanks to your guide. I just think it would be better if these were standard to match the other switches but we are where we are and thanks to the community can resolve most controller needs. Overall I find the controller options in DCS very flexible, we can do most things with some effort and threads like these. Ideally I would like to see a bit more consistency and common standards but I know it has evolved and is a big project to consolidate across modules.
  21. I have used Joy2key and also Joystick Gremlin for handling latched switches. My biggest frustration is the inconsistency of controls, not just between modules but also within modules. The A10C II for instance has on & off options for the latched APU switch and just a toggle for the latched battery and AC gen switches. So on a cold start up the AC gen switches are on in the aircraft and off in my button box. I don't think I can fix that using Joy2Key or Gremlin, I need to edit lua files to add the on and off options to work properly with latched (maintained) switches as DCS only provides an option for a momentary switch. For an ED flagship aircraft like the A10C II I think this is an oversight that should be addressed.
  22. Thank you @LeCuvierfor the guidance here, it is very useful.
  23. Whatever we envision when we think of a F-4 Phantom, I believe the OP has a valid point that the aircraft exists and isn't some made up idea as you seem to suggest.
  24. When you say module page are you looking in the module manager (top left icon when you start DCS)?
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