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  1. I got your point, and I agree with you that practicing during day time it is another kind of story. Let’s see if we can find a solution, we could also try with the wishlist section.
  2. The problems about the default mission are because there are others “carrier able” AI with takeoff/landing waypoint as it seems interfering with acls, if you remove them, the acls will work as it should be. ED is investigating. If we want a little bit of life around and use the ACLS, now we are stuck with just let them spawn in flight and orbit… defenely a bug.
  3. You have for sure some "carrier able" AI with takeoff/landing waypoint around in your Mix. try to delete them (at least their specific waypoint).
  4. Hello, you just need to reset the system
  5. Day would be better, for sure, but selecting a night time in ME is a Case III with a perfect CAVOK conditions, so in the mean time some guru finds a lua or mod solution, better then nothing I do Night CAVOK ACLS traps to see the carrier from the start of Case III approach.
  6. this is an old mission I used to test things, then I've setup all the ACLS stuff and was working, keeping in mind all the current bugs about SC/F18 ACLS, so I removed all the "carrier able" AI take off/Landing waypoints... and also if using wake turbulence turn it off or lower the wind speed... https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322202/
  7. In this video, I do not see the autopilot Coupled to the ACLS, just the ATC. Is that intended?
  8. You're welcome, anyway I never test it, I'm still kind of basic with george interface, I'm using most of the time the FLT mode.
  9. Hello This should be carried on by the George Interface. CMBT (COMBAT MANEUVERS) Right Short Commands George to fly a direct path to the current Navigation Direct-To Cue. If the point is part of a route, George will continue along that route in sequence. If the point is not part of a route, or is the final point in the route, George will come to a hover at that location reference: DCS AH64 Manual from pg. 325 (the specific text is on pg.331)
  10. I think the MAX power application about all the videos we have access to, are due to this.
  11. Normal Procedures states MIL (military thrust) power application. So it is reasonable to think that it is certified to be like that. I believe the use of MAX is not forbidden, but it is not advisable do to controllability issues in case of engine flame out, as it implies high asymmetric thrust management on a critical AOA/speed situation, seems that benefits are less than troubles.
  12. hi IvanK, try to remove the Ai f18 flight aerial-2 form your mix or let it spawn already in air (no takeoff/landing waypoint), and test again, I see it's setup to take off from carrier in your mix. I never tested on stennis/multiplayer but just SC and single player, and I found some strange connection about the waypoint type (take-off/landing) of all the "carrier able" AI planes as I'm trying to track here:
  13. CMD CNT and 10 SEC I believe are to be implemented yet. about the ACLS not working as expected when there are other AI flights in the mission, in this post I explain mine and others findings: so it's not just F18/F14 but I'm pretty much sure it's something related with all "Carrier able" AI (E2, S3, F18lot20, F14...) dealing with waypoints Takeoff/Landing... in the same mission.
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