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  1. Hi, just guessing, did you try the different F10 options in settings?
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    mappa mfd

    Ciao, oltre a quanto già detto circa l'attivazione/disattivazione della mappa digitale nel sistema, al momento dovrebbe essere stato riportato un bug nella rappresentazione delle mappe del F18 DCS in quanto l'AMPCD nel F18 reale mostra la mappa digitale nelle seguenti configurazioni di Range/Scala HSI T UP / N UP: 40-1:2.000.000 / 20-1:2.000.000-Zoom / 10-1:500.000 / 5-1:250.000 e quando in modalità decentrata "DCTR": 80-1:2.000.000 / 40-1:2.000.000-Zoom / 20-1:500.000 / 10-1:250.000 (nei range 160 / 80 e quando decentrata 320 / 160 la mappa non viene mostrata nel sistema reale) Ad oggi ultima versione OB funziona correttamente solo quando si opera nella mappa caucaso, le altre hanno problemi vari. Non ricordo se il bug sia riconducibile ai moduli delle mappe o al modulo aereo. Ciao
  3. maybe are the same bugs the F18C is having when there are other flights
  4. It depends on wich freq (VHF/UHF) you are operating the radio. If you are on a VHF main freq on your PRI (COMM1) and select GRCV you are able to listen messages only broadcasted on the VHF guard freq of 121.5 and you'll miss all the ones on the UHF guard 243.00. and viceversa if you are on a UHF main freq on your radio and select GRCV you'll be able to monitor the UHF guard freq of 243.00 but not the VHF one. I'm pretty sure on this mission the distress call is broadcasted on the UHF Guard 243.00 so we need to be sure to have the GRCV selected at least on our radio where we are using an UHF freq, following the mission kneeboard I think it is to be expected as we are on preset channel 9 for Ground control to pick up the clearance and taxi instruction and later on we push channel 8 for take off clearance by the tower and both are UHF freq.
  5. The GRCV ARC210 function on our DCS F18 works as the real one. As the after start routine on the F18 we enable the GRCV function on both radio. PRI (COMM1) and AUX (COMM2). But we need to understand the system. The F18 ARC210 GRCV function works and it is capable of automatic listening of VHF Guard freq (121.5) or UHF Guard freq (243.00) depending on the respective COMM (PRI/AUX) main freq selected, example: If on PRI (COMM1) we are using VHF freq like 127.5 and GRCV is selected on our COMM1, we can monitor and listen all the communications broadcasted on the VHF guard freq of 121.5 but not on the UHF guard freq of 243.00, as soon we switch on a UHF main freq like 305.00 we can monitor and listen all the comms broadcasted on the UHF guard one. the GRCV switch is automatic. So it is self explaining and nice to know, that if we are on PRI and AUX both on a main UHF freq our GRCV will be able to monitor just the UHF guard freq of 243.00, the same if we are operating both comms in VHF. the GRCV will be able to only monitor the VHF guard freq of 121.5. cheers
  6. the only statement I have is 3 years old, but we can expect that.
  7. @twistking LOFT modes, ARM, JPF, and other JDAM and JSOW remaining functions [WIP]
  8. yep. sorry, I'm in a kind of tunnel vision with the F18...
  9. Just to be sure, to go back to flight deck you have to press F1 key (Cockpit view). So if you are not able to go back in flight deck by pressing it, I would check key bindings in Options->Controls->FA18C SIM
  10. My pleasure. \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\campaigns\A-10C Iron Flag Part I\Iron Flag M01.miz\KNEEBOARD\IMAGES\ You can open the *.miz file with any unzip app (I use 7zip file manager), you then have the self explain folders to search your specific mission kneeboard *.png/jpg pages
  11. The HUD airspeed box is CAS not IAS ref: DCS F/A-18C HORNET Flight Manual Pg.110-111
  12. @Mistermann Hi, have a look at 2:44 mark of this wags video
  13. It's intended when you are in Communication menu, you can choose different comms options with F keys. Sometimes you have in this menu an optional one accessible with F10 (but just when you are in the Comms menu, out of this menu will trigger just the map). To have *.png images in your aircraft Kneeboard, just unzip and copy png files accordingly (if folders are not there, create new ones): F18 for example: \Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\FA-18C_hornet or \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\FA-18C_hornet others: A-10A A-10C A-10C_2 AH-64D_BLK_II F-14B F-16C_50 MosquitoFBMkVI SpitfireLFMkIX SpitfireLFMkIXCW UH-1H You can take screenshot or there is a message history in the pause menu Are updated by normal DCS update cycles, so when available you'll update DCS and get the update for all your stuff You can access a lot of docs and manuals, just browse the main DCS path: Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Doc (example for A10C_2) same for campaign in: Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\campaigns --> and entering specific folder you'll find the Doc one Main DCS general Manual: Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Doc
  14. I use VSPX Processing (Preference Tab) and seems better understanding my command, I use VR Mic so it's close, to switch between vaicom kneeboard pages I use the following and they always work: for ATC: "ATC PAGE" for JTAC: "ANVIL PAGE" for AAR: "ARCO PAGE" for AWACS: "DARKSTAR PAGE" for Ground Crew: "CHIEF PAGE" "SHOW LOG" and "SHOW NOTES" I setup VOICEATTACK as per VAICOM instruction (very important and depending if using VSPX or not), at the beginning a little bit of mess with the mic selection but as I setup it correctly the APP works nice and in VR I find it very useful.
  15. I remember in game It's like your red line, the airplane will orbit between the chosen waypoint and the next one with a left turn. more info Ref: DCS Manual page 242-243-244
  16. From the briefing doc DESIGNER’S NOTES 2. The Mk58 marine marker is replicated for this mission by Mk20 Rockeye, which should be dropped in manual mode The Mk58 It's a flare that produce a flame and smoke, so in the briefing smoke is intended as smoke (smoke signal): Some info you can find on the net: When the marker is launched, the battery cavity hold is exposed by removal of tape. Seawater enters the cavity and serves as an electrolyte to activate the battery. The battery current initiates an electric squib, which in turn ignites the pyrotechnic candle. Features: Deployable from Aircraft & Ships or Small Boats Optional Suspension Bands and Foam Ejector Spacers Improved Sealing during and after Deployment MARINE MARKER – MARK 58 Description The Marine Marker, Mark 58 (Mk 58) is used for all types of air-to-sea surface marking that use smoke and flame. The Mk 58 can be launched day or night from high-speed aircraft, helicopters or surface ships to provide a long-burning, smoke and flame reference-point on the ocean’s surface. It is used for various operations including anti-submarine warfare (ASW), marking a survivor in the water during search and rescue (SAR) operations, man-overboard markings and as a target for practice bombing at sea. The Mk 58 consists of a water-activated battery, starter mix and two pyrotechnic candles of a red phosphorus composition. The marker is activated when water enters the battery port and the starter mix is ignited. The starter mix then lights the first pyrotechnic candle, which burns for 20 minutes, then initiates the second candle. The complete marker produces a continuous yellow flame and white smoke for a total of 40-60 minutes for at least 4.5-5.0 km under normal operating conditions.
  17. Nothing wrong, there are no ATC comms for Launch to perform on the supercarrier
  18. Works different and I'm pretty sure the selection made in SMS it's sended (working in DCS) to the weapon by a transmission data cable.
  19. I don't know if ED lately changed this weapon behaviour, but I remember the VT selection must be setup on the weapon by ground personnel (on the ground) and then selected accordingly by SMS from the pilot, in the real one. ED not implementing afaik this "ground" settings so hardwired at 1500ft. meaning that you can select on the SMS whatever you want but the parameters will be the hardwired one of 1500, possibly giving you an erroneous firing solution (do not know if this is simulated by our DCS F18 but could be possible)
  20. MISSION 6 problem (no comms after dropping bombs) During startup, player can get damaged by the adjacent F14 unfolding its wings. This is a DCS thing with the Tomcats and player's aircraft is set to invincible - however, the immortality does not work when the wheel chocks are on. Therefore make sure to remove the wheel chocks before the 5th minute of the mission. This is out of my hands and we need to wait for a fix. After the attack there are no more comms in M06. This is linked to DCS bug with AI Tomcats refusing to drop guided bombs (already reported to ED). Since half of the package do not drop, some of the triggers are not fired. This is out of my hands and we need to wait for a fix, although the mission can still be completed.
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