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  1. Hey, noob question here: What settings do I have to change in mission editor to make an AI fighter group engage my aircraft? I tried setting up a triggered action "search and engage unit", but right after they take off they just start a landing pattern. I'd appreciate any help. PD: Sorry if any of the in-game terms I mentioned isn't exact, english is not my first language.
  2. Also to clarify, I've been able to connect to his server before, but just came back to the game after a couple of months and can't.
  3. Hi, I'm able to connect to any multiplayer server in the Openbeta, but when trying to play with a friend his server won't show up on the list and trying to connect via ip results in "server offline". I have already allowed the 10308 port in my router and established a fixed IP for my PC so it won't change every few hours. Deactivating the firewall didn't help either so i guess that's not causing the issue. I don't know if it's realted, but I also get a "code 400" when creating a server myself, although after closing it seems to run just fine. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.
  4. Ok, thanks for the help everybody! Really appreciate having a community so supporting.
  5. It seems most of the good servers are in Open Beta. Is that true?
  6. Yeah I was mainly looking for the F-5 to prepare for the Tomcat but i'm concerned about the servers.
  7. I'm pretty new in DCS and haven't bought any modules yet (only have 3 months experience on the SU-25 T). I was planning on getting the F-5 E to learn dogfight and energy management so I could later switch to the f-14 as a pilot (I've been told it's best not to jump right at the Tomcat), but I like multiplayer and there doesn't seem to be any f-5 friendly server available (I mean a cold war one, or at least one that doesn't include fighters with long range radar guided missiles). Any suggestions on a good sever? Or even wether should I consider buying another module to get started? P.D: don't want to pick F/A-18 as I don't want to get used to 'fly by wire' right off, maybe some day. Please help a noob :)
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