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  1. The F-14 never got the AIM-120 because the funding set aside for AIM-120 integration was reallocated to LANTIRN integration after a successful test was demonstrated, allowing the F-14 to have precision strike capability before Hornets did.
  2. are you in AR PT or MT mode on the pod? The farthest left OSB on the bottom of the display.
  3. more efficient loft profile. You can add a lot of range with better lofting logic.
  4. You can find array size and FoV, occasionally wavelength, but array sensitivity and signal processing not so much.
  5. Yeah, this. It has "easy mode AAR" built into the FBW
  6. I've never had it in any plane, so I can't miss it.
  7. from what parameters? I had a CMk60 get to 94,000ft launching from 46,600ft @ 1.58M in the F-14A on a target 93nm away flying towards me at 40,000ft @ 1.85M (Tu-22) TWS-A Jester RIO
  8. I swear I'm the only one who doesn't like 1st person bodies. Are they great for immersion? yes. They also block the view of switches I'm trying to hit.
  9. Well that's a new one. Can you repeat it or was this a one-off?
  10. Yet I have had SP Harrier only missions where the track goes haywire in under 5 minutes. Multicrew may guarantee a track split, but it is not the only cause.
  11. Useless until the nature of EW is revamped.
  12. One more thing is to be trimmed, not holding level with stick force, because IRC the AP system only manipulated trim and can only do so at a limited speed.
  13. Tomcat is 100% Cold Steel and Sex Appeal This Mod was always going to be a no brainer for me. My Pre-School in the early eighties was in sight of the traffic pattern for Miramar, the Big Fighter was a part of my recess. Then my mom had to go and buy a VHS player and Top Gun (back when that stuff was pricey).
  14. I've gotten that payload to nearly 1.6M over 40,000ft from a deck launch
  15. To @Theodore42's point, I was at 330kts on the deck with two enemies (Flanker and Fulcrum) on my tail, I lost the deck transition. They were both comfortably still in lag so I lightened up on the stick (Tacview will show AoA going from 14 to 10) and within 180 degrees of turn they were both still in lag but I was up to 430kts. Now I had options. I pulled a little tighter to hold ~430 until one of them made a mistake, then I cashed in some speed and got a kill while keeping the other bandit stuck in lag. Energy fighting.
  16. So FLIR pod had a different functionality than IR Mav? Interesting.
  17. That supports my point. To lock a cold target you have to change to something with contrast.
  18. A: that is what I have been saying this whole thread. B. What @henshao posted above.
  19. That's wrong though. The CFTs on the E, with all the pylons, have more drag than two wing tanks. It was true on the F-15C CFTs which only had AAM launchers and not 12 pylons.
  20. they only lock if there is enough contrast. If something is alive and cold it wont lock or even show up. They are already modeling surface temperatures and changing them dynamically for the FLIRs, no reason not to do the same for IRST.
  21. It may be unrelated right now, but it shouldn't be. The sensor logic is the same, look at an area and detect thermal contrast. Tiffy being a high altitude and high speed fighter puts it's sensor in the best possible condition to spot other high altitude high speed aircraft. It should have >45nm detection range on anything supersonic that isn't behind a cloud. The IR system in DCS is less borked than it used to be, and they are working on it, but it isn't ready for proper PIRATE or even OLS functionality. And according to combat pilots seeing something clearly from 40nm wasn't an issue.
  22. oh, thanks for the correction
  23. I used to use the fire extinguishers to shut down the engines after a mission, so they do something.
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