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  1. In VR i am in the middle of the Helicopter , i see the Gunner but can not us it. ?
  2. Um den Apache zu Fliegen brauchst du die Open Beta Version von DCS World und nicht die Stable Version. Ich habe beides aber benutze zur 99,9% Open Beta.
  3. @Hammer 1-1 OK , much better now ! Have about 22 FPS
  4. At the moment the Apache is no longer playable for me in VR. Quick start in Persian Gulf (Cold start) Since I only have 10 FPS. It also went down to 4 FPS. It doesn't matter, just have to wait until it gets improved, it's still Early Access. i7 7700K RTX 2070 32GB M.2 1TB for DCS VR Oculus Rift S
  5. All units, Irene. I say again, Irene. Bin Total überrascht von dem Mod! Das Versüßt die Wartezeit auch Apache & Kiowa
  6. Leider ist das Buch noch nicht angekommen. https://www.motorbuch-versand.de/product_info.php/info/p12273_AH-64-Apache.html Klick auf Leseprobe !
  7. Um die Wartezeit zu verkürzen! Christian Rastätter AH-64 Apache
  8. I miss " OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Screenshot of the Week " so much. A few more Pictures would lighten the mood.
  9. I will Order it immediately so I know this is not a Dream!
  10. I don't like the new Pilots because of that Mouth Mask . Would be better if you could also choose the old Pilots. “RSHIFT+P” Old , New , No , Pilot....
  11. DCS Open Beta Since the last update I have been seeing a Graphics Bug. It looks like part of a buckle and in VR it hovers near the flight stick
  12. Don't have the F-18 Hangar Mod anymore and only use the Original. I am only using the New Empty Black Mod today. I'll watch if it's better that way (OpenBeta) Have a lot of Modules and will try it out if it can save a few FPS. Have only i7 7700K 32MB RAM RTX 2070 VR Rift S.
  13. Found something! The VR Hangar runs in the background when you are flying! With a VR Hangar F-18 Mod I had light reflections when flying because the F-18 in the hangar had its Taxi light on and I saw it constantly like a curtain of light when flying the UH-1H. Now my VR Hangar is empty and black and I have a stable 40fps with the F-16 in Nevada Map.
  14. The SU-27 in the VR Hangar is not a Photo but a 3D Model that always runs in the background and is constantly being rendered and unnecessarily consumes PC resources. I would rather have the option to save 1-2 FPS without a 3D hangar.
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