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  1. So far the only first person module that has worked for me is the fuel truck, the tanks, Humvees and other vehicles are still misaligned in the first person.
  2. This needs to be implanted, I use the hornet grip mic switch for all my comms, Up registers in discord as button 13, but discord doesn't recognize the difference between button 13 on the throttle and button 13 on the stick, so I end up using push to talk on my stick along with what ever else I have mapped to that button. It would be great if the simap could change button 13 on the throttle to, lets say "L Ctrl"
  3. I for one would absolutely but a WW version of the A-10C Throttle grip. It would be nice to have the actual colie hat, China hat and boat switch's rather than improvising.
  4. Why couldn't they add this in the keybinds? Its not Ideal to navigate the jester menu when in the middle of ACM There are other one button Jester commands like STT lock and Unlock, How drop the tanks was left out is beyond me.
  5. I just ordered the WW Grip. My thrustmaster is set up with the kit to attach to the WW base. However the CMS left no longer works even though I've only had it for 9 months
  6. I regret buying the Thrustmaster F-16 Grip now.... Should have held out for WW...
  7. Anyone Have any good Rio Training missions? I'm starting from square 1. I have been flying the tomcat for a while and its long past time for me to learn what it is the back seater does, right now I'm completely relying TWS Auto for Phoenix launches and Pal for sparrows, Its hard to make use of Jester when you don't understand what he can or cant do.
  8. Has there been any updates or ETA on this?
  9. I've had mine for about 5 days now, its been about six or seven hours of breathtaking gameplay segmented by about eighteen hours of pure frustration. When its working its amazing, but I've been having all the audio, desyncing and blank screen issues everyone else have been having. My audio problem was fixed by taking off the ear pieces and reinstalling them making sure the connectors are making good contact and making sure the hold down screw is tight, this seems to have taken care of the audio issue. I only seem to have sync issues/ Black Screen issues when playing online, I am able to play offline just fine it seems. I'm going to try the cable update and see if that fixes my issues. One other issue I am having, Not sure if its related, is If I try and use the head pointing + to operate the key pad on the UFC in the F-16 or in the F-14's Sidewinder cooling & missile prep, the VR will D-sync. But if u use the controllers, I am able to push the buttons without issue.
  10. Is there a way to command the AI to line up for a formation take off in the campaigns, rather than take off one at a time and wait for everyone to form up?
  11. Hopefully, They've done most of the others!
  12. Just got my hands on a 3060ti, What a difference! and I upgrades to a 1440x3440 144 MHz ultra wide. I never realized all the detail i was missing in game! I have all the settings cranked up and its smooth as butter! I also added 32gb of ram.
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