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  1. @NineLine please see my tracks in this thread related to the PNVS rendering being stuttery when turning head at less than the slew limit of that sensor
  2. Mods, Might want to seperate this out into a couple of threads or attach to other existing ones. OP says TADS I reference PNVS Vid above reference timestamp for googles however around 06.39 there is some FLIR imagery in IHADSS for PNVS in the back seat however I am not sure whether it's VR or flatscreen cheers
  3. @BIGNEWY This can be replicated easily and I think it is both VR head tracking issue and rendering overhead issue Scenario 1 - empty mission - symptoms worse with mission "load" HMD Render : Right eye only Turn on PNVS to Pilot Line of sight, PNVS FLIR overlay noticeable jerky in playback and quite offputting for night ops - hold head still so it is just the video playing - is smoother Turn PNVS to fixed, playback quality is now smooth Scenarion 2 HMD Render : Both eye same setup as above. Playback when slaved to pilot helmet line of sight is much better and mostly playable but noticeably jerky compared to when you switch the pnvs mode to FXD note: I am running open XR which has improved FPS considerably (ie 60) in the apache during daytime, just night under PNVS is the problem System I7 11700K / 64GB ram / 3080ti / NVME dedicated drive for DCS The problem is made worse with FLIR slaved to pilot head movement and single eye FLIR render mode selected, the opposite smooths it out. In actual mission with stuff happening PNVS FLIR / PLOS mode fps drops by up to 30% Thanks Thrud pnvs test- med txt - right eye.trk pnvs test- med txt - both eyes.trk
  4. All unit / statics need a REMOVE function whereby the undamaged / damaged / destroyed iteration of it is gone from game map and game memory, for those larger missions
  5. Excellent... also the ability to save statics in templates for easy reuse for things like farps, enemy compounds, target locations.... the static L/A alone is a great QOL addition
  6. Hi Flappie, Here's a dot miz file containing a brief ATIS script and the audio files. ATIS is tuned for 249.950 at Tabqa, jump in the hornet and listen to PRI. The ATIS audio takes a few seconds to stream in as it is set on a TIME MORE condition (2 seconds). Change the time to outside of 00:00:00 to 02:59:59 and ATIS works, inside that time windows the ATIS script errors - missing weather string or something per Apples report. Cheers Thrud syria_env,mission.weather_error.miz
  7. Noticed the textures on the pylons compared to the rest of the new a-10c warthog 2 model are lower resolution and probably the pylon models are much lower poly count as well. Text is illegible on the pylons compared to the body of the aircraft. Perhaps wrong versions linked in game or pylons not updated yet ?
  8. Unusual geometry out of place with surround terrain, on south side of Ramat David AB picture attached
  9. pasted from Discord: need 1. to be able clean up and remove from the game and memory dead / destroy unts.. example... I have dynamically respawning training range, but it fills up with dead carcasses quickly, need core ME feature that I can scipt to that removes dead units from the map.......... 2 to be able to pick up troops from the ground, via transport unit (ship , helo, apc , truck , plane ) unload them at another zone, then give them orders such as move to frontlines, patrol in zone etc [10:38] Thrud: 3. the editor needs alot of the static structures to move over into being UNITS though I believe quite a few need a "dead" state model [10:46] Thrud: I use MOOSE to have AI and humans getting taskings, such CSAR, A2G, SEAD, BAI and A2A missions, I use the functional artillery to automate intelligently arty, I use Air to Air dispatchers for persistent randomised and sometime sneaky enemy CAPS, I use DETECTION and DESIGNATE often just to name a few... moose has so much excellent stuff ... ...honestly PIKEY is the man... lets not forget SKYNET IADS based on MIST... also excellent ! Moose has filled out my missions and breathed in life until dynamic campaigns arrive in the future and probably still will after they do [10:50] Thrud: Unless the super carrier gets its extra radio channels anytime soon, a check box to disable either Marshall, Tower or LSO in the editor would be good on the DCS side so we can fill in the blanks with the excellent airboss script [10:51] Thrud: Can an artist make a range circle bomb target and the suspended strafe target like in the 476th range group targets, so we dont need to add mods to the game as will as moose RANGE scripting to get the full effect
  10. Here is my research and images on the problem... I agree. the FLIR rendering is either way to bright for white or black hot depending on the mode. It is overly bright, unuseable at night and not getting better. It has existed for several patches now sadly. I hope it does not have to wait for the new flir rendering systems. There is no real world correlation with FLIR as it is in DCS currently.. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4389772#post4389772
  11. Did a test in latest OB / Repaired / Shaders deleted / Latest NVIDIA driver with regards to readability of in cockpit displays in aircraft with map displays and optical / IR viewing systems. To demonstrate the difference in the in cockpit display and the exported view of the same display. First image is DCS using both my monitors as one screen (no export ) using windows extended display. The top half of the A-10C MFCD is my 40inch phillips 4k screen and the bottom half is my dell 22inch touch (just image a line the horizontally through the a10c MFCD screen - just cant see it) there is a little difference in glare due to the 2 monitors being different, but still pretty close Second image is when I am using DCS multimonitor support to export the A10c cockpit screens to my dell 22inch - and the difference is significant - this is what I have been ranting about. This issue affects the primary monitor TAD display, and TGP output in BHOT / WHOT modes This is from the A10c instant action mission night flight. cheers.. hope you guys get this one fixed. Third image is from the Harrier in a custom night mission, showing the map and NavFLir views including through the HUD. once again the glare washout to the primary monitor is significant, but the export to the second monitor is just fine Fourth image is hornet at night, with MAV-F on left DDI, AMPCD is ok (not shown) and ground map suffers the same glare issue. also demonstrated is the export font and line issue specific to the hornet (a display issue still ) export display, extremely blurry. A problem which does not exist in the other aircraft. Fifth image show Mav F looking at different terrain, interestingly mountains and grass can be seen, distant terrain has limited visibility or none on primary display and is easily viewable on the export mav display. TGP glare washout suffer the same fate has the other jets prior. Sixth image is viper, showing TGP glare, bug otherwise dim exports as per other reports. So no idea what is going on here dcs.log
  12. Gamma was already 1.5, Setting level to 8 and gain to 1 did improve BHOT on the hog, but hornet you can't change settings ??? AFAIK ? THough on the hog those settings wrecked WHOT. Since I have no instructions (or foundational knowledge ) on FLIR settings wondering what the official word is ? Cheers all
  13. Something change from 2.5.5, I never use to touch any settings and it worked... so if this a now a feature then ED should provide some docs or a tutorial on the new flir ?
  14. Tried, those setting only change the grade of brightness not the glaring contrast effect which makes viewing hard. Def a change from 2.5.5. What I didnot supply / show was the export to my second monitor for helios and those screens dont have the glow / glare effect, but still have the new contrast issue from 2.5.5 to 2.5.6
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