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  1. One of the main things I would look forward to is the flight engineer slot. That's the guy that gets things rolling and warmed up while the pilot and copilot talk business. And as mentioned, who is going in the back to check on the slingload if it isn't the flight engineer. Honestly, the more the merrier. We should have at least one slot for each bench seat. Party bus!
  2. Broken wings also do not show up to other players on multiplayer....so your heroic return to base with wing stubs go totally unnoticed
  3. I was referring more to the landing regime. As for other flight conditions, I am relegated to using buttons only to control prop, which, as you say, makes fine adjustment difficult.
  4. You shouldn't need to assign prop to a third axis. If you link prop with throttle, it will come back with throttle automatically.
  5. Yes, when the generator is on, the ammeter will move to 0 amps after a short period of flight. Maybe after half hour? Actually, the discharging battery might even happen independent of pitot heat being on, but Id have to test that to make sure.
  6. Well, for what it’s worth, Ive done a few more flights with prop linked to throttle during the landing phase . Have not experienced any more engine failures after landing...
  7. Yeah, i noticed water does not get refilled after refueling. Although lately most of my flights end in engine failure, so refueling doesnt help much
  8. Good tip! Do you know if there is any way to see if bearing damage was cause of failure when you are playing multiplayer? I am among the ones frustrated with with the tenderness of the engine. No matter how gently it’s treated, it seems the engine is only seconds away from destruction if subjected to momentary windmilling. If this is true behavior, i guess it’s acceptable. But it’s really hard to tell when that transition to windmilling occurs because of the lack of physical feedback. Edit: took another long cross country flight. Kept rpms 2550 and mp pressure as high as I could during approach and landing. Another engine failure on roll out. Frustrating end to a nice flight. Think Ill try again tonight with linked prop/throttle to see if that helps
  9. Im trying to understand what is happening related to pitot icing, airspeed indications, and an electrical system that is sucked dry by pitot heat. I’ve done some longish flights where I notice my airspeed go to zero. When I turn pitot heat on, sometimes the problem is resolved in a few minutes, other times it stays at zero airspeed (until the ammeter indicates zero amps-generator on), and some other times, the problem seems to resolve until I notice my airspeed reading as wildly high (ie 600mph indicated in straight and level cruise). It’s been a while since I’ve thought about airspeed errors/pitot icing relationships. I seem to recall that a frozen pitot can make the airspeed ind act like an altimeter in some situations, which may explain my high readings. But Im stumped as to why the pitot heat doesnt seem to be clearing the ice, or why the electrical system is sucked dry so quickly. Most of my flying is on Aerobatics online where currently it is winter on caucases.
  10. For some reason I thought this was fixed already, but I still see that this hospital heli pad is not landable yet. This is a very nicely modeled building, and hope it gets fixed soon. Love the map!
  11. What speeds are people going when this happens? I noticed an oscillation today down low, but it was at speeds beyond the barber pole. I figured it was a feature of going past Vne.
  12. I’ve noticed that in winter conditions (on aerobatics online) my oil temp never moves. It stays pegged on “cold” side, even after long warm up period with oil cooler closed, oil dilution on, cowl closed, and oil pressure in normal ranges. Might this be related? This started with the latest release.
  13. Haha. I thought I reached some hard coded altitude limit when I blew up. But apparently not, as I was flying with another P47 pilot on Aerobatics online at the same time who got past 160,000 feet and didnt blow up. Try it out for yourself! Just get it to any speed beyond 300, faster the better, then hold.the prop switch forward until the engine seizes. Then hold on for the ride! Great fun lol
  14. Sorry havent gotten the track file up yet, but glad it’s reported. Basically, from my eyes it seems some phantom force is being generated with an upward/sideways vector coming from the side of the fuselage somewhere. The amount of force varies to where it’s just yawing and keeping you at same altitude on some occassions, but on other occasions the force is enough to cause altitude increase greater than what the vsi can read. Either way there is considerable yaw. Any chance the that the airscoops for engine cooling and intercoolers make some thrust like the p51? . If so, maybe the values for thrust are messed up?
  15. You think that’s bad, lol, try getting to 300mph, then use the prop rpm switch to increase rpm to 4500rpm. After the engine seizes, you’ll be able to climb indefinitely. Well, that’s not true, since my P47 got up 122,000feet before completely exploding for some reason. But yeah, the whole time, there is this phantom yawing force being applied. This is the funniest bug Ive seen, and i had a blast with it last night, but alas, it is a bug that needs to be squashed. Ill try to get a track file up tonight.
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