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  1. Yet we get a non-existent trim reset? Surely it just takes a quick remodel of the existing 230gal tank and edit the parameters to only accept 120gal and add it to the loadout options.
  2. https://robertsonfuelsystems.com/defense/reduced-size-crashworthy-external-fuel-system-rcefs/?fbclid=IwAR3mEcoESTbC_Vt1zSET1yHZPsIcR9SOr5GD5sfxBBkrBCIW5uhYt8ReA0w It would be really great that once the internal Robbie tank is able to be replaced by (up to) 1200x30mm rounds, that we get the option of adding the 122gal RCEFS tanks to sit on outside, a perfect replacement for the internal tank. The current "torpedo" tanks are huge and unwieldy, and the 230gal capacity is a little too much for knife fighting in in most of the DCS user-base situations (one would hazard a guess at). Plus the look a bit better than having a canoe strapped to the outside.
  3. Looks epic, looking forward to it
  4. Any changes to the above with the new 5.2 driver? Has it made any difference to the performance/accuracy of the virtual hands? I go the LEAP controller for Christmas but haven't had a chance yet to test it out yet, (Family staying with me at the moment) but keen to try it out.
  5. one is wire-guided missiles only with IR, one is fixed forward firing cannon/rockets no-IR, one is A2A missiles no-IR, one has a 3rd seat for a minigunner out the side with no camera at all. All have the same kit just moved about the place with difference capabilities/weights
  6. I'm not at home to try at the moment, but just thinking that I can't even see the aircraft model that sits in the hangar (SU-27) or the menu screen when looking around. It's completely empty! Will report back when I get home again.
  7. Is that a DCS or WMR/SVR binding?
  8. Hi, just got my G2 yesterday and it worked to start with, then I performed the update and now I have no main menu or aircraft model in the hangar. Whilst DCS was updating I was following through the Thud DCS VR guide and watched a video on optimizing Windows 10 - which included disabling some background processes and turning off location/file access for apss etc - I'm wondering if that did it. Has anyone seen this before? Ignore that the WMR view is focused, I just brought it to the front to show all of what I was seeing at the time. https://i.imgur.com/czcYegb.png
  9. Ok this topic can be closed. Cause was the duplication of the textures and description.lua in the Saved Games/Liveries directory Solution (for me) was to delete all C101 folders within the Saved Games/Liveries directory and the textures returned to normal. For me to still have any scheme available regardless of the nationality of the aircraft was to edit the description.lua in the Eagle Dynamics/DCS open beta/CoreMods/C101/Liveries folder. I'm not 100% sure if this will break integrity check but the MP servers I fly on primarily don't require it so not an issue for me. Thanks to Rudel_chw and kontiuka for their assistance on this issue. Can finally see all schemes in full glory - and she looks great
  10. thanks for your help I know know what the cause if the issue is at least - now to find a way where I get the best of both worlds...
  11. ok well that got rid of the partial issue of the "MISSING TEXTURE" and blocky effect on the USAF skin... but along with the Aviodev skin the rest have disappeared Wait a second. I have the "make all liveries in multiplayer for every nation" mod - that could be why all this was happening and the textures were getting muddled up....
  12. Will let you know how I get on - again back in the office but it sounds like we are getting somewhere
  13. it's only the "description.lua" files within them however
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