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  1. I all, I made a comeback to DCS yesterday evening after 6 weeks off. Obviously some updates got installed before I could take off with my Mirage. I was surprised to see that any command was assigned to my hotas trigger, which I usually used for weapon release... And I could not find back the Fire Control (or whatever the name) in the list of command. Only found a command named "Canon trigger" which didn't help. Did I miss some recent changes on the hotas commands? Since I only had little time to play, I quickly gave up and went to destroy some bombers on IL2 instead...
  2. Well, here I am. I own an HMD Odyssey +, and I am relatively happy with it. I manage to get decent c.a. 45 fps at 150% res in SteamVR. However the clarity is not optimal, the head tracking is not perfect (perfect for rotations but lateral translations are very poorly detected), and it is not super comfortable. So I am thinking to maybe change googles. Unfortunately I can't afford a Vive or a Reverb G2 so far, but I could get a second hand Reverb G1. How good would that be with my pc (see the spec below)? The Quest 2 seems quite good for resolution and clarity, but I read it is shit for colours, especially blacks. Is that really annoying compare to the nice Odyssey colours? Don't know if the Rift S offers a significant uplift compare to the Odyssey +... Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome Ryzen 5600X Radeon RX 5700 XT 32 GB RAM SDD DRIVE HMD Odyssey +
  3. shomke


    Hmm ok, looks like the BAP rack can only be fixed in central position. I'll double check, I guess didn't look correctly...
  4. shomke


    Hi all, I yesterday decided to test the new BAP-100 anti-runway bomb. So I created very quickly a simple mission, but I could not find see the BAP-100 in the list of available bomb to be loaded. What am I missing? Thanks
  5. Bah that was too obvious for my tired brain... Thanks Kercheiz
  6. Hi folks, How is working the fast alignment option for the mirage? I ticked on the option, but only played few times on Liberation since. And, well, the alignment still takes around 8 minutes. Is that only working when playing online, or do I need to something special to do in the cockpit? Thanks
  7. OK thanks :). I know that the French Air Force don't have Helmet mounted display, but this one being just a repetition of the VTB independent of the head position and orientation, I just thought 'ok, maybe it exist...' Then I prefer not using it.
  8. Hi folks, Just out of curiosity, does someone know how pilots activate the sun visor VTB view in real life? Is there a button for that in the cockpit, or maybe on the helmets? Thanks
  9. A Super Mystere would be perfect opponent for the Mig 19 I think. But I am afraid I’ll never get it in dcs…
  10. shomke

    ECM - PCM Mode

    Thanks Jojo, Yes that's what I do, just place the ECM mode selector in the centre and toogle the jammer on and off. Never used the PCM. I read somewhere the PCM mode is supposed to be a stronger jammer that also mess up your own radar signal, so I was curious to know if it works as intended
  11. shomke

    ECM - PCM Mode

    Quick questions dear pilots: 1 - Is the PCM electronic counter measure implemented? And if yes is it really useful? 2 - I'd like to map on my hotas two buttons to increment - decrement the selected CM program, but I could not find the command to do that. Am I blind? Thanks for helping
  12. Hi folk, I am back to the mirage after a long break I always uses CCIP doing dive bombing. But with the CCIP system update I realized that I shall rather go low and leveled. However I am struggling a bit to make it work... What are the best parameters to make a nice CCIP, i.e. height above target, speed, pitch? Thanks!
  13. Yeah I think I will re-paste it and try again this evening. I’ll let you know.
  14. Hi all, Just out of curiosity, what’s your cpu temperature when flying in dcs? Just got a Ryzen 5600X. Good but running at 85C, roughly and in average. I am wondering if that’s safe…
  15. Interesting anime DocHawkeye. What is it?
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