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  1. Great to see 11Sqn are still watching the mighty Bear! They use to scramble their Lightnings from just down the road from me to meet the Bears from 1960's-80's and then F3 Tornados to now the Typhoon still down the road from em lol.
  2. FWT you might wanna read this ;) http://www.forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=7863 Scroll to the signatures bit :D
  3. maybe they fix it in 1.2 LMAO!! :) seriously id love the SU25 to be more realistic but it aint happning
  4. Need some sort of will and wont thread fom the DEVs so these questions stop turning up lol LO is 4 years old there maybe be one more patch and then Black Shark nothing major is going to be adressed in any patches as Lockon is ready for non-supported heaven soon ;) Lockon has been great but ED are working hard on their new titles which are going to rock! RIP Lockon
  5. That was a freaking awesome movie mate!! This should keep everyone passified for a while :)
  6. Thanks Z its been a blast !!! Shouldnt be too long before we have a new UK based server up, wheels are turning as i type. ;)
  7. Yeah i stayed at home for it, the Sunday show got called off :( Im going to see these at Fairford hoping for better weather, AFAIK they are in the country for some time on detachment 6 or 7 Flankers and support aircraft.
  8. OK hopefully there willbe some more 504 registrations tonite so can you just give all 504 members access to cut down work? Easiest way is to make usergroups for each squad the add all users to their group, then add the forum permissions on the group instead of each user
  9. Where can i obtain basic info on LOCERF missions like who is participating, using which and how many airframes etc so i can organise my squad better. Im hoping its all in the 159th forum that i cant access ;) :) Thanks.
  10. Fantastic to see another squad! Welcome and good luck in your fun! :) Hope to see the 104th in a squads v squads campaign! :)
  11. We need to agree to disagree on this one as some people cant act like mature adults and STFU. We are arguing like women (read circluar/pointless) over ventrillo and wording and non-disscussion over why we should have no choice, if frostie says no-one likes it because wow nubs use it then thats his view and doesnt realy require a reply on it if your intelligent enough to realise that. "WoW nubs? I dont play WoW but i use Vent....Frostie is wrong i shall start a pointless arguement over his un-educated views....." This is not the best way to handle such a reply "WoW nubs? I dont play WoW but i use Vent....Frostie is wrong but nevermind its his loss as im going to HL to have fun im sure this willbe worked out in time and theres no need to be fueling the flames..." :D Easy when its spelled out in hindsight but now easy to remember because its happened and we can learn from this. If everyone can stop baiting each other over stupid crap we can get on with flying. Plus my dad is bigger than all y'all's dads and he gunna come looking! :D
  12. Further in my defence in an attempt to stop further posts from Rugg about this my replies on this comms mater were not so much about the reason but the way the choice was enforced and worded. Fudd has admitted via PM that he couldve worded it better and i have amitted i couldve worded things better, text can be a retarded medium if used wrongly. Lets get over all this and enjoy RF god knows i know how hard it is to organise these things without all this banter.
  13. Yes because thats what i was thinking when i wrote that "damn that deaf dood he shouldnt be allowed to fly" ignore the fact that ive sorted the comms issue out go straight for my redunant post. Yes this is what its all about and i know that and have spent the night sorting it. Lets now work together and have fun, ive had PM's with Fudd and i hope all is sorted.
  14. OK the 504 will give ventrilo a whirl and put all this behind us the main reason i feel being Fudds 'no other choice get use to it' statment, hopefull these things can be thoughtout and worded better for future RF's. Good luck all involved.
  15. Ok i take back the short sight bit forget about the hearing impaired dude. Im sure this comms issue willbe worked out shortly.
  16. I assume if everyone used TS last RF changing and trying to enforce this change is short-sightedness on Fudd's part. We have used TS since day one of the 504 and all the guys have their setup perfect so at short notice to change to a new technology and learn it is something they dont fancy doing, using the proven and familiar application would be the sensible choice.
  17. Yeah im not overly happy about the way comms has been handled but im not happy about my squad members spitting their dummies about it. Ive requested they give vent ago but if they dont want to then thats up to them.
  18. I think the statement "REDFOR WILL BE USING VENTRILO FOR THIS MISSION. This is not up for discussion, so just download it and get used to it." is the issue. Most people like to have a choice or a discussion instead of being told to install some unwanted software on their PC.
  19. you have deaf people in your squad? cant say i agree on the vent is better quality than TS its marginal and not argument worthy, its usually down to tards buying crap mic's.
  20. This needs to be in the chit chat forums, and PythonOne you need to turn off your pc and go outside ;) if RB wants to post these "pointless threads" let him and if they bother you that much dont read them. Its not nice to go around telling people their thoughts are "pointless".
  21. off to see them at RAF Fairford Aug 2007
  22. They sent all the flyable airframes up for one big fly around all the old Jag bases in the UK on that day! I think 12 or 14 Jag's blasted out of RAF Conningsby and flew in a tight formation round the country, i saw them fly over my head as i walked to town it was an amazing sight and very noisey!!
  23. Why do we have these threads? Johnny quote me mate "THESE THREADS SUCK" ;) You cant possibly argue these things when there are MILLIONS of variables, the only way you can start these threads is by STATING the boundaries of your information base. IE: "Hi iam a F-15 Pilot here is a photo of me in my jet, here is my USAF pilots licence (facsmile) and here is a sworn and signed document showing im not a 15 year old vsimmer ;). Why does the LOMAC F-15 @ FL10 wieghing 10k kg with full fuel not out turn the etc etc......" THEN and ONLY THEN can anything posted in replied be taken semi-seriously, its a game and its as good as it get atm!! Argue the toss forever it wont make much difference, just go enjoy the game if you dont like the problems and dynamics go play something else.
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