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  1. Love the detail on this map. PS: check out this video...nice inspiration to see some footage from RL and the aircraft we recognize.
  2. Loved it. You did a fantastic job for a first video. Incredible production quality...totally on point with the music and timing. :D
  3. I truly support your dedication and ibtentions. I just placed my preorder for the module + shirt. I really wish this product gets you all the success you deserve. Looking forward to it. :)
  4. I came across this... I think this is a new video of the FA18 HOTAS from Thrustmaster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlDdknkSNPU&t=699s
  5. Fantastic job. Love your screenshots and videos. Keep em coming.
  6. It's great that ED are still going to do FC level aircraft. Just a quick concern: Does this mean they will fix the CBU issues with A-10A?? The aspect that the bombs fall way short of the aim point? IIRC..this issue is still persistent and hasn't been fixed yet.
  7. well done GA. Dammit.... It's done. $100 USD.. pre purchased the hornet and the Persian gulf map. Bring it. lol
  8. May he Rest in peace. My condolences to his direct family and the Eagle Dynamics family. :(
  9. LMAO!! I lost it... my reaction exactly. LOL
  10. My only comment would be to try to see if you can push your settings to max and then record avi from the in-game tracks rather than record using an external application like shadowplay. I think some of the grass and other effects like DOF would have shown off more beauty of DCS 2.5. It is scary to see how far we have gotten. That was a pre-rendered cinematic and we can now run even better graphics in realtime. Just imagine where we will be in another 5-10y.
  11. OMG. awesome job. haha. U read my mind...I have been wanting to re-do those intro videos. haha. Great job.
  12. I agree. While there are quite a few missing cities and buildings, the trees really add way more to the sense of immersion than ever before. It is nice to see the trees growing alongside the river bank. The sense of flying is so much better now. I rather have these nice trees and beautiful scenery than have the map from 1.5.8 with extra buildings etc. Flying in mountain valleys is just breathtaking now. I can’t wait for the new clouds to roll out.
  13. Hey, I have been checking out a few aircraft and noticed that the glass in the Su-27 is freaking clean. There is no reflections or scratches at any conditions of the day. Is this a known bug? I tried the L-39 and bunch of other aircraft and I could see the scratches and glass reflections in cockpit. cheers V
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