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  1. a second teaser has been made its up to the developers if there are going to release it or not nevertheless they are doing an awesome job in the end you gonna love the map trust me!!!
  2. Razbam Terrain Team is hard working on this map and they are doing excellent work i may make a second teaser
  3. Indeed the Team have put a lot of efforts and hard work to keep our dreams Alive!!!! Kind words is always welcome to keep these guys on fire!!!!
  4. thank you for your replys i will take a look how to use those cameras!!!!
  5. ok guys what exactly i have to modified in order to get more access to down up laft and right in the cockpit it is limited and i want more https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Cockpit_Views Cockpit View Limits The ability to move your head in the cockpit is restricted to a certain area to enforce realism and avoid game breaking. For example, in the default situation is it impossible for your head to clip through the canopy of the aircraft, but this also imposes limited accessibility of many of the outside regions of the cockpit that you could (realistically) access with your head. Via altering the Views.lua file (found in each module's own file directory) we can adjust these limits to suit our needs and give us a more accessible cockpit head movement area. For example, it will allow us to lean further to the left and right, as well as zoom in further on our instruments on the dashboard.
  6. thanks man... you are one of the best out there keep going!!!
  7. very very nice job man love it thanks for sharing!!!!
  8. press F4 then ctrl+shift+4 or 6 or 8 or 2 to move the camera
  9. Some of my work


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