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  1. For what it's worth, you should compare the completion of a module to what ED said they would simulate / committed to implement. If you go and measure completion of systems that a DCS module has / will have to real life you will never get 100%.
  2. Do I need to unplug the USB from my Thrustmeter Warthog throttle prior for using the Virpil collective? Does DCS recognize them separately or they will interfere when flying Jets / Helicopters? Thanks,
  3. Thank you, I ended up taking out the sensor next to it first, that gave me the additional room I needed to access the slew sensor properly. I pressed on that tab with some extra force and it did come out! About to test the new sensor now.
  4. For the life of me I can't get the old sensor to come out of the throttle! I looked at the pictures in the manual, I looked at videos, looks easy but I just can't seem to take that sensor out I can see the 2 clips but they won't budge. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks, but it's not exactly like your process. It seems like you are cloning the HD where you have DCS installed. I'm actually cloning the C: drive where Windows is installed. So I will have the same Operating System (will only change its license key).
  6. Hi everyone, I'm about to switch to a new PC and will be cloning my OS SSD to a new drive and placing it in my new computer. DCS is installed to a different HD that will also be placed "as is" in the new PC. I understand that DCS has user files in the OS drive, so wanted to know if cloning will cause issue with activations etc. Should I deactivate everything before I clone the OS SSD? Anything else I should be doing pre-post cloning? Thanks
  7. Agreed, this map has exceeded my expectations! I was mostly concerned about its performance, as I'm flying in VR which is even more demanding on the system, but I'm happy to report that this map works really well, it's on par with all the others, if not better! Great job Ugra Media, I'm impressed!
  8. Thanks, that was my mistake. Everything looks good now. One additional question, it appears that the carrier won't assign me a cat to launch from, I taxied to different ones and the ground crew just ignored my aircraft. I tried calling them on the correct frequency to no avail. Any idea?
  9. I'm trying to play the F-14 campaign for the SuperCarrier in my openbeta version of DCS. When I launch DCS I get an error that DCE is not authorized and it's disabled. When I select Campaign from the DCS main menu I can't see DCE (probably because it's disabled). What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  10. This simulation is complex. More so than the average software application. There are 3rd parties involved, and it's guaranteed that if something is changed then it will affect something else somehow. I also think that the fact that the team is working remotely and not in an office affected their testing quality and efficiency which is expected. We are all going through personal adjustments due to the pandemic. I'm not trying to come up with excuses for ED, I'm just looking at this rationally. I am confident that they will improve and get re-adjusted which will translate to better quality updates.
  11. Also a US customer here. Placed my order on March 2019 and haven't heard a thing from them. Also their website is gone.
  12. Yeah, totally unplayable in VR here as well. But it's the first version of EA, so expected issues. Will let ED patch it a few times then try again.
  13. Very unlikely, and if so, it will be small to address bugs. Kate said that the next major update will be in May.
  14. Around the same time that ED changed their targeted release day of the week from Friday to Wednesday, they also said that they would like to release an OB patch followed by a stable patch the following week, if no major issues are reported. That cycle went pretty well, then they said a patch every 2 weeks ( so 1 OB patch and 1 stable patch a month). With recent OB updates, it takes much longer due to the fundamental changes that were introduced in 2.5.6 - better night lighting just to name one.
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