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  1. Thanks for this quick and hopeful fix. I was getting multiple CTDs on GBU drops. Will test today for sure.
  2. Whoa, the Harrier is out! All right!
  3. LOL!!!!!! I have learned that lesson. An auto save would be great to have!
  4. It takes all the RAM and does not let it go. Have to restart after opening the map a few times. Very nice. Now I have two maps that are basically un-flyable, Channel and this Syria one. Oh well, they got my money to continue development. Guess that is the bright side.
  5. Thanks! I spent some years on gators and loved working with the Marines. I was on the flight deck as a part of the Combat Systems, Combat Ordnance Division. USS Kearsarge - LHD-3 94-99. The most challenging and rewarding tour I did.
  6. If this does what we think it does this will be awesome. A little thing but great nonetheless!
  7. If we had the ability to save a mission in progress that would be good enough for me. Imagine what we could do with that?!!!!
  8. My popcorn is plenty and buttered! You all do not disappoint!
  9. LOL! DCS is so predictable. We will get it someday and it will be a surprise. But DCS keeping any kind of date is a joke so why stress over it. History repeats often here.
  10. Hmm, news not release. This should be entertaining.
  11. I remember when ED never forced me to click that purchase button. I am drunk to forget about that virus thingy so I will leave it there before I get the ban hammer. Here's to having a hangover for tomorrows update!!! :)
  12. Good job ED and ignore the negatives. I own every module so I may buy some campaigns. I am hard on you all quite often but again good move with this.
  13. In SP I am getting 40FPS sustained and higher. In MP I do not go above 10FPS. I have done the reinstall, tried multiple servers, and I just cannot pin it down. I am waiting on some sort of update or acknowledgement from DCS that it is a problem. This 2.5.6 has really caused some issues and it baffles me as to this but like a good little boy, I wont convey too much sadness as many will remind me that it is an Open Beta. I have the stable installed and no issues like 2.5.6. Good luck to all of us. :(
  14. Hi Pilots! I am running servers on a separate machine and I am using the server mode. When I join my servers all of my statics are floating, what appears to be, 6 feet off the deck. When I load the mission on my flying machine the objects are placed correctly. I am sure this is a simple thing and I am fairly certain this is not an actual bug. Does anyone have advice? Perhaps there is a file cache that I need to remove or something similar. Thanks!!!!
  15. I have tried just about every combination to get rid of the water horizon jaggies. No luck. It is not consistent either. Sometimes at a certain bank angle they go away. At higher altitudes it turns into a grid looking thing. Went back to MSAA at 4 and SSAA off.
  16. Just recently, in the past two weeks, I have noticed some jerkiness in the Rift-S. I have never had an issue before. I rolled back drivers and that did not work. It is something to do with the Oculus program itself. It really started after these last firmware updates. It sucks and it is just enough to make it annoying. I am guess it will have to be another firmware patch.
  17. My update is 8gig. That is more than a little update! :)
  18. Home-run! That is exactly the idea!!!
  19. I would love to see a tabbed kneeboard. Would only need two more key bindings to tab left and right.
  20. Same here but the A-10 map is so well done.
  21. Happy to hear that! I wear glasses but I do not need them with my Rift S. I am so fortunate with that. I agree with you about the positive difference from the CV1 to the Rift S. They are all actually pretty good to include the CV1. I think that when someone spends $400 or more they are naturally going to justify the purchase. That is why so many reviews are a tad bit biased. With that, I really like the Rift S and I notice more of an improvement than many I have chatted with. Have you thought about the lens inserts that are available?
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