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  1. F10 menu, “abort current objective”, then a new one will be assigned. Continue doing that until you get one that is closer.
  2. Astronaut, thank you! Persistence works for now until ED fixes it. And also thank you Surrexen for some of the best missions in DCS.
  3. Finally got around to installing 2.7 + the first patch. Took the Spitfire up for a couple of hours last night and had no issues with the flashing red/yellow screen. So glad that this has been addressed. Clouds look amazing and I don’t see much of a frame rate hit, if at all. I even picked up the Channel map during the sale this weekend. Well done ED!
  4. YES!!!!!!! I miss my WWII planes on the Normandy map. Please let us know what the problem was if you could. Hopefully the testing goes well.
  5. This is the reason I will not be buying the Channel map any time soon. I tried it during the free to try over the holidays and it happens for me on that map also. As beautiful as this map is,until they squash this bug, it’s a no sale for me. Really hope this gets fixed soon.
  6. TDC slewing with the ministick on my TM16000 as an axis, has always been problematic for me in the Harrier. Works fine for me in the F-16, F-18, and A-10C. Currently I am using a 4 way switch to control the TDC. It works, but I don’t have the fine control that an axis can provide. Besides, I could the 4 way for something else.
  7. After applying the line to the autoexec.cfg file, l thought this had fixed the flir from blowing out. But alas, after about a week, it was back. Deleting the content of the fxo and metashaders2 folders again, and rebooting the system resolved it. I normally put my system into sleep mode instead of powering it down. Maybe the nVidia shader cache outside of DCS is interfering in some way? Regardless, I still think turning it off in the sim helps with this issue.
  8. Simple option on the “special” tab for realistic boresight maverick. Like the realistic TGP slew option for the Hornet. Then everyone is happy.
  9. I installed the Channel map during the play for free this past time around. Saw it on that map too. It’s definitely in the WWII assets pack, or new damage model somewhere. Fact is, I liked the Channel map. I get the same performance as the Syria map. I was planning on getting it this holiday sale. But, not until this gets fixed.
  10. ***Update*** Just an update, I did what Taz suggested. After three sessions I don’t have the screen washout! I think you may be onto something. However, instead of changing the graphics.lua file, I added this line to my autoexec.cfg; options.graphics.metaShaderCacheEnabled = false This way you shouldn’t have to change your graphics.lua file after every update.
  11. Congratulations! Welcome to the club. I have suspected it was the flak early on. If you’re able to isolate it, maybe this bug will finally be squashed.
  12. These are the exact same reasons I haven’t been flying near as much as I used to. These bugs are are so off putting, I just don’t enjoy it anymore. It’s so frustrating to setup, takeoff, fly to the target area, get off a weapon successfully, and the flir being blinded until the smoke clears. I can’t even look in the general direction of the lingering smoke without the flir being a total whiteout or blackout depending on the black hot, or white hot setting. CCD works, but doesn’t help much if you bring IRmavs. I will try changing the setting Taz recommend, and see if it makes a difference.
  13. Yes, the yellow flash bug...... Still waiting for the fix since August.
  14. Guys, read my first post in this thread. This has been going on since mid August. The last OB that was not showing the flashes, was OB2.5.6.52437. If you want to try it for yourself, roll back to that one. I still think it has to do with the WWII asset pack. Flak is at the top of my suspect list. Next would be muzzle flashes. I really hope that this will be fixed soon. It kills the immersion.
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