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  1. In accordance with the flight manual, there were no restriction for throttle usage in all flight envelope. If I remember well, a compressor stall could be recognized by the followings: Max EGT 600, RPM max ~70% (maybe some flactuation as well), loss off thrust and a special noise like BRRRRRR. But it was almost impossible to happen, what ever you do. It happend to me to recover one of the two compressor stalls incidences of HAF F-1s that occoured in a Total of more than 90.000 hours in around 27 years. In my case the compressor stalled didn't cleared by setting idle throttle and dive to get 300knots. It cleared after applying relight procedure (under 10000 feet). They technicians haven't found any problem but If I am sure that it was most probably due to malfunction of SRL, cause it happened when I set MAX AB in at very low speed, nose high attitude with high AoA at 15000ft. If I am not mistaken the other compressor stall incidence happened during a very violent high speed adverse yaw and cleared by setting idle and dive up to 300knots. I don't remember if the found the cause for it.
  2. It should be a bug. It is not a compressor stall. Engine is not correctly modelled. It needs some work. I am sure that they will find a fix soon.
  3. My dear friend Mirage F-1 was not like F-5, that it was suffering by often flameouts. ATAR engine was very reliable, as F-16 engine is.
  4. Mate I can assure you that in real life you could behave to F-1 so bad and aggressive without any impact in engine operation. In DCS you cross the exhaust turbulence of an aircraft that is half a mile away and you get a flame out present. They have to fix this. In real life could happen several times without any issue.
  5. Gents, Mirage F-1 engine was very reliable. For your info, 2 HAF F-1CG squadrons, in a period of more than 25 years, had no more than a succesfully relighted flame out and no more that two succesfully recovered partial compressor stalls. In DCS, it needs a lot of work to reach this reallity.
  6. Cool. Waiting for it. F-1CG radar version didn't have TEL, BZ dogfight mods, but only Rapid Gun (boresight mod). IR missile selection button was obligatory in order to use IR missiles in CG. Jaguara5 I have alreadysent you a private message. I see that you have the 342 SQ patch. We both live in Athens. I sent you my phone. You can call me.
  7. Today, I tried A-A guns in dogfight and I noticed that although I had the target locked with rapid gun (td box on the target) I didn't get distance in nm in 12o clock scale. Instead the distance scale was indicating 3 (though 300meters). Morover, the diamond gun pipper diameter and drop was not changing/adopting in accordance with the current target distance and gs.
  8. Today I got my stick serviced back from Virpil and I will trying tesing my beloved F-1!!!
  9. No it was not upgraded. F-1CG was acquired by HAF in 1975. Concerning my aforementioned post for autopilot, I have just called a colleague that you had been in 334 for 11 years and he confirmed what I said. The manual due to the fact that it was translated in english by french people had several mistakes. It should be one of those. We have to ask other pilots to hear their opinion. We are sure that depressing the stick disengage pallet was not needed. It was very simple. Just pushing the button.
  10. Gents, I have spent 1500hours in F-1CG Hellenic Air Force cockpits and AP was working as I described (I hope that alchaimer haven’t knocked my door yet). If I am not wrong, the same way as DCS M2K AP works. You just press the Attitude button. Then you can engage other functions. Of course AP won’t engage if you have the stick pallet depressed I assess that CZ version AP function works the same way. I will ask a friend, that kept -1 Manual, to send me a photo of the relevant page.
  11. Hello Gents, The Autopilot is not correctly modeled. In real life you could press the attitude hold button (when in favourable conditions, if I remember well + 45 climb - decent, + 60 deg bank) and the Autopilot was engaging. Then you could press and hold the autopilot pallet in control stick, change attitude and leave the pallet and the autopilot was engaging again (of course when in favourable conditions). In DCS when I press the attitude hold button autopilot doesn't go alive. Is there any plan to fix this issue? If you need any further help with F-1 I can help
  12. The Fuel Counter (totalizator) does not show total fuel after being refueled. It takes too long to set the total fuel value in totalizator after being refueled - rearmed.
  13. The Fuel Counter (totalizator) does not show total fuel after being refueled. It takes too long to set the total fuel value in totalizator after being refueled - rearmed.
  14. It is essential to give access to LOTATC, otherwise there is no reason to use DCS VC, as far as SRS RADIO is 100% compatible with LOTATC.
  15. Gents, Did you notice any existing JDAM - JSOW accuracy issue in Syria MAP?
  16. Dear Rudel, Indeed I have already assigned both in TMWH Boat Switch. The reason I ask is cause friend of mine wishes to set up his X52 Horas.
  17. Gents, I can't assign keyboard keys in "Special for Joystick" Category. Specifically, for DOGFIGHT/Missile Override Switch - DOGFIGHT/CENTER and DOGFIGHT/Missile Override Switch - MISSILE OVERRIDE/CENTER. Any idea
  18. Guys, I' ve recently noticed that when you right click over a map object, then "assign as" option is appeared. If you left click then a new trigger zone with some special option is created. Both can be seen in the following pictures. What is the purpose and how they could be used. Many thanx in advance for your replies. =GR= Panthir
  19. Every time I have low fuel, the FPA turns automatically to the closest Friendly airbase. Although I try to change again FPA to a desired waypoint e.g FPA01 it immediately turns again to e.g. BNG50. In this context I am unable to continue any A2G task cause the TGP can't be slaved to a desired waypoint. The most annoying is that even after refueling, after take off the problem persists. So, is there any tip or standard procedure to deny this issue. For your info I have even tried to assign a very low FUEL entry in ICP.
  20. After the latest updates, although you can designate a target unfortunately the TGP doesn't LOCK (make point). Anyone else having this issue?
  21. Dear Moltar, The latest changes added extra complexity to SATAL. We have already put a lot of effort in practicing and the new rules are changing the whole concept. The home team will dictate the weapons restriction e.t.c. Moreover, several essential features, such as Datalink are still not working for the Red Coalition. In this context, we assess that we have to cancel our participation for this year. We wish you success. So, Lockon Greece is out.
  22. League: Diamond Squadron Name: Lock-On Greece | DCS World Greece (=GR=) Discord: https://discord.gg/4gCWNp Contact person: =GR= Panthir Aircraft Selection: F-16C, JF-17, F-18C Pilot Roster: (United Kingdom +3 Zulu) =GR= Aeolus =GR= Doc =GR= Eightball =GR= Geo =GR= Marine =GR= Officer =GR= Orion =GR= Panthir =GR= Pistola =GR= Spooky =GR= Theo =GR= Trojan =GR= Woodcock Likely more
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