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  1. 13 minutes ago, IronMike said:

    . Train your muscle memory, lose grip as well here, and also: learn to work your throttle constantly, up and down. There are no sweetspots where you can park your throttle. Same counts for stick inputs. Work it, constantly, and the more you get used to it, the smaller your inputs should become, but you never, ever stop working your throttle. Anticipate at least 3 inputs in advance.


    For what it's worth, I have small curves - 10 roll, 7 pitch, 15 rudder - as these give me personally the best results short of a stick extension. I do work the throttle consistently, but the -10 curve seems to have been the missing ingredient, and now the donut stays steady.

  2. I’ve been struggling around the boat with the F-14A for a while, but hIt on the apparent solution last night. 


    -10 slider curves on the throttles.


    Moves the optimal range of throttle further back, leading to less accidental speedbrake closure, and less pitch oscillation of the nose as engines stay in narrower band.


    Far easier to stay on speed in Case 1, and refuelling is a doddle. F-14B is smoother as well. 

  3. This is probably the most valuable post I came across on this forum. Glad you enjoy your Sim flying and all the best to you mate. Actually we can consider ourselfs lucky. We can be heroes even though every single one of us would get the shits just by arming a real ejection seat.



    Ditto. Worth remembering that this is ultimately an entertainment product, and I'm just grateful that we have the opportunity to play a sim realistic enough to tread carefully around classified stats.



    Cheers, ED and testers - don't know how you find the patience for the fans, sometimes :thumbup:

  4. So, unsurprisingly the Bell 47 stopped working in 2.5.1.

    Don't despair though!




    Forgot to mention I sometimes get game crash when crashing this helicopter in 2.5.1. Not always and I haven't seen any pattern of it yet.



    Hi - any tips for getting it working in 2.5.2?



    I did a fresh install, no luck


    Working now!


    AS I have said a number of times now, ED is looking into expanding and improving the system and looking at the viability of an offline mode like Steam, so don't light the torches yet.


    If I buy a DCS module on Steam, does it stop working after 4 days offline, or will it be like the rest of my Steam library, where I can play offline indefinitely?

  6. Based on the last day's additions, it appears as though my ability to play offline when I want is going to be kneecappped so ED can turn my desktop into a marketplace. I've noticed it was heading in thus direction since the modules were listed along the bottom of the opening screen, but didn't suspect they'd force this on me. Might as well play on a console.

  7. Regardless, the point is, these polls dont even reach 1% of the ED customer base, I doubt the location would have made much of a difference, even if you had twice the votes, you are still barely scrapping the surface.


    To be sure, is it an option to poll all users via the weekly update email?


    Please include "never" just to make certain the responses are reflective of the community's opinions..

  8. Johnny you have been very vocal and have passed your thoughts on for ED which is great, but you seem to be trying to be alarmist now.


    ED are not trying to stop you from playing, personally think you are being ridiculous now.


    ED have and will listen to the feedback and adjust it how they think will be best all round.


    He's not being alarmist, that's exactly how I feel too.

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