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  1. I've installed my Combat Ready & Flight panels. However, they do not sync to DCS. Is that normal? In SimAPP I chose option "sync" however no changes were made in export.lua. Therefore, I had to manually add the each button/switch/dial to the F-18, and other aircraft. Not a big deal. Aside from that, both panels are working fine and happy customer. Winwing combat ready panel Does it sync, does SimAPP make an export.lua? Can it be used without defining each button press in DCS?
  2. I *love* the JF-17. Its been my favourite plane since release. I prefer it even above the F-16C Some questions regarding the C-802AK anti-ship missile; 1. When in coordinates mode (pre-planned) is it possible to copy it from the Destinations, instead of manually keying it in? 2. Does the missile go active at the given coordinates? 3. How far away from the coordinates does the missile go active, ? 4. Specifying its cruise height to HIGH does something weird when I fly <>20,000ft: the missile lofts into near-space and dont come down to hit the target. Looks like my ownship altitude influences the height-setting.
  3. Solved. 1. Set the ground radar as SOI. 2. On the radar MFD, select SLV 3. On the numeric UFC change the waypoint Result: The radar crosshair does jump to the intended waypoint.
  4. Putting the source on Github, and allow intrested parties to check out the code, submit bugfixes would greatly benefit all.
  5. Hi CubanAce, Could you consider moving your code to github.com, and also use it as the main distribution point? Much like the A-4E-C Skyhawk and A-29B Tucano.
  6. Unlike the F-16C the JF-17' ground radar & WMD& targetting doenst slave to waypoint so it seems. I have valid waypoints, using "FP-A" mode and SLV selected. For example: slecting a waypoint, then press the <- buttan, and its not slaving. What am i doing wrong? Version: DCS Open Beta
  7. Southern Africa (Angola, Namibia) had air-to-air dogfigting in the 1980s. South African Airforce flew Mirage F1s, Atlas Cheetahs vs Cuban MiG-21s & MiG-23s. Lotsa ground action in conventional wat with tanks, artillery & COIN operations. From mapmaker perspective its less work, as South Angola is sparsely populated, very few airbases, flat, small towns with few features. That should make a mapmakers' life easier.
  8. SOLVED. Solution: 1. Unplug the Reverb completely from your computer both USB & Displayport. 2. Go to Windows Settings, Apps, then uninstall Windows Mixed Reality. 3. Reboot 4. Reconnect the Reverb And let Windows Mixed Reality get installed again. 5. Configure controllers , room size etc 6. Install Steam VR & Windows Mixed Reality for Steam if it isnt installed already. 7. Start DCS. ENJOY flying with zero freezes!!
  9. SOLVED. Thanks! Yes, on my HOTAS Warthog the boat swithch (bug grey one) was in forward position. When i set it in middle (neutral) and clicked the AG-button ground radar appeared. Thanks @Deano87
  10. Starting in the air, pressing the AG-button nothing happens. No ground radar, no change of stores in SMS. Only AA works. HUH?! DCS version Open Beta What I do: 1. Start a mission in air. AA radar default to on. 2. Payload: 2x AGM-88C HARM, 2x external tanks, 4x AMI-120C 3. Set Master Arm to ON 4. Press the AG button. (nothing happens) What did I do wrong? Why no AG rarar, and why no AG mode? My setup: - HOTAS Warthog throttle & stick - Saitek rudder paddels - HP Reverb G1 VR. See attached my test mission: Syria. Syiria grondaanval F-16C 20211029 .miz
  11. My DCS freezes every <>10 minutes in VR for 18 to 21 seconds, with cockpit sound continuing in a loop. I'm using a HP Reverb. VR flying is absolutely impossible, let alone any dogfighting! The freeze only happens in VR, and only with DCS. None of my other VR-games suffers. I played Half-Life: Alyx with no freezes. My DCS is installed on 1Tb SSD with 250Gb free space, my C-drive has 3,4Gb free. i've tried: - Setting all DCS gfx settings to Low. Didn't solve it. - Updating Nvidea drivers to latest version. Didn't solve it. - Setting my WMR refresh to 90Hz. Didn'ts olve it. - Reinstalled DCS disabling all mods & skins. Didn't solve it. - ALL of the above combined. Didn't solve it. Computer specs: - Intel i9-9900k with 32Gb RAM, RTX 2070 videocard etc., enough HD-space availale.
  12. My DCS-experience begain with Flanker 2.0 back in 2001 :). I've been simming since 1985 on a Commodore 64 with Solo Flight, then onto Falcon 1.0 on an Amiga, and caught a Flanker 2.0 in 2001. Now, got nearly all DCS modules and flying in VR with my HP Reverb. I'm a aspsiring cockpit builder with home-electronics lab - Oscilloscope: Siglent SDS1104X-E - Soldering station: KSGER T12 - Ruideng DPS5005 lab bench power supply - DDS signal generator. - Creality Ender 3 3d printer for work.. working IT-tech from home supporting a worldwide userbase.. and for DCS still lots to discover :)
  13. Has anyone got this ? Most importantly, how easy is it to setup and use with DCS? Anyone on the forum bought it? I'm considering buying, However, its really expenisve, and will use it 99% only for DCS. Share your view Tx!
  14. Angola. Dit was net 'n jaar voor my diensplig.
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