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  1. Ok got, it is time or weather triggered.
  2. When contacting atc I am not getting the new menu language. Everything else appears as it should. boat 127.5 cvn 73 coms 1. Is it time of day specific.
  3. Got it. Forgot to move diamond to agm.
  4. First time in f18 since ah64 came out. Tried to use E mav and the cage uncage is not working either from key bindings or C on keyboard. Any ideas or broken?
  5. Thank. Adding the alt made it work.
  6. Single player, it does not work when airborne. Worke's wheels down both pilot, and cpg and pilot airborne. Is this by design or am I missing something? Thanks
  7. If you click on the picture it will zoom in, a second click even further, and scroll dwn.
  8. This is how I added sixth button and other push button for the two mfd.
  9. I have a profile for pilot and cpg, after the latest update, every time I make a change in controls and I save there is a second profile showing up as diff.lua.diff.lua which I just delete and save to the profile I previously created. But why is the happening.
  10. Any training vids or written tutorials out their.? Thank you
  11. GOT IT, working Thank for your input everyone. Trigger assignment were wrong.
  12. I have tried everything for two day's and cant figured what I am missing. Please help. screenshot showing front display.
  13. Thank's Gripen, but I need to know what pin on the usb plug each wire is connected. This is a little different from the standard usb with only four wire's compared to the mfd's five. I am thinking that two would go to the same pin or one would not be connected at all. And I don't have the original plug to look at.
  14. Hello everyone I drilled into one of my mfd usb plug's and can not tell what color wire went where. They are ( yellow red blue white and brown. If anyone knows the wiring pattern onto the usb plug please post picture or diagram. I have found everything but that on the internet. Thanks
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