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  1. Further explained: Idea of this is that hidding single unit somewhere will get you to lose that zone, if enemy uses overwhelming force. This will force single sneaky unit to come out of hidding. Example: 1 Blue tank holds zone - its BLUE zone. 3 Red tanks/APC/IFV come in - Its RED now. Blue now needs to kill all RED or the same way use overwhelming force to take zone. So to take zone without a fight Blue needs 9 tanks now. IMPORTANT: Trick is when you take zone with overwhelming force, you WONT KNOW if zone is 100% clear or not. There can be a sneaky single or more units there. P.S. Taking two or more transport helos and do a air assault with troops(>=10 soldiers) can take a airfield/zone defended by single unit.
  2. Probably just to uncage the seeker. Cuz pilot is flying and searching for targets blind.
  3. How about some lines/text on F10 maps? For new ppl to have a quick reference on whats going on.
  4. In Bandar 1949 mission, is there a chance to add some ground controlled units for Korea air modules impaired ppl? Asking for...a friend.
  5. They had to overfly, gun and run because they are supporting the takeover of that airfield. There were bunch of Mi17 there that need to land ASAP. If they hovered they would end up like that Apache in Yemen. Everything there is hostile.
  6. Seems to be ~80km range and lofting from current war footage.
  7. Can we disable isometric view for Combined arms? Its a bit cheatish because it enables players to see over the obstacles they wouldn't be able to see from vehicle.
  8. Alpen...they borrowed nozzles for that video. Whole thing is not in dcs. But they sure know how to hype.
  9. Oh please, we got 2 objectives. Also you lost your farp but reclaimed it before we got comm tower and stopped us from wining. I cant spawn stuff with mi8 , drive tanks, and GCI alone, as you say low pop. Btw not being able to kill in fighter and being butt kicked... plz watch tacview. I understand your emotions but toughen up a bit, its a game. Also mission needs crate cap. Not sure it has it.
  10. How the hek im suppose to know whos new player? Im sorry for the person leaving but lets not behave like this is against the rules. If I shot him with a tank then what? This is rare occurrence thats why I bragged. All we had was a frikin truck at the farp and mission was about to end. We needed farp to finish all objectives. You wiped everyhing we had there. Ill pause my playing I guess. You tell Red when we suppose to shoot with blanks.
  11. I would like to personally thx Alpenwolf for a server where stuff like this can happen...PVP gazelle kill with a truck.
  12. True but irl you wouldn't want to get close to target area. Especially if that area has targets that need ATGMs.
  13. Cuz wiring is available only on right wing on 35M. Just think how much time it would take for a Hind to use all 16 in combat if possible, considering it attacks one by one target. There is no realistic need for 16.
  14. Why don`t we have radar screen in Shilka like with other sams? Vehicle itself had it. Currently it behaves as simple radar ranging when player uses it.
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