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  1. Yes , its a fairly sedate rate of release .... I love the Ka-50 dispenser ability to throw out small suns , although you can chew through stores quickly .
  2. +1 this , and vocal interaction would be good , with Petro reporting with things like " good effect on target " or " that was a miss " , similar to Jester .
  3. We can currently attach static non-ai to CV , I would like the ability to attach live units to other units . For e.g .. placing ZSU or manpad on cargo ships .
  4. Nice to know its fixed , I just run stable .
  5. After a bit more testing it seems it is an opacity problem . The camera works , but you can barley see the image .
  6. Hi , the Shkval does not show in Alt F1 view after last patch , the symbology is there but no picture .
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