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  1. In Lock On it was possible to edit the language using the game directory files although i confess i didnt go very deep on this to know how far the translation could be done. Will this be possible in DCS as well, since the engine works almost the same way...?
  2. My God... you just made my day! :biggrin:
  3. Did anyone test this with a Flanker? Check out all aircraft. Beta-testers, no harm or offence intended, but how did you manage to let this issue escape? I dont know hot you guys make the tests and how are they performed but you must test air combat right? Well, thankfully a simple hotfix can be enough for this one. Again no harm or offence intended for the Beta-Testers, its just a weird situation.;)
  4. That was what I was going to ask. Did you have 100% fuel on the Flanker? Because between 60% and 40% is recommended for dogfights. About the Eagle: it is not a BVR exclusive fighter. Nope. It is an excellent dogfither as well due to its very good aceleration that keeps the energy on the aircraft allowing it to maintain sharp turns more easily. Plus it is lighter than the Flanker. GGTharos can tell you more though. He's an Eagle specialist...
  5. Lol GOYA I liked that summary. About the Su-27, nscode as soon as you have studied for the exam tell us about that thing of the Su-27 being a BVR exclusive aircraft. If that is really true... then I think the Flanker is crap. Man, without ARH missiles it stands no chance against aircraft carrying ARH missiles. This of course, without employing tactics. In fact what I like the most in the Su-27 is really the WVR performance and the R-73. Bah, bring me my dear F-16C! Until then im a Ka-50 pilot!:p
  6. Too bad... it would be funny to have that feature... But the game has to be released.... after all the number of weapons in-game is enormous so, although a pity, is right thing to do. Can you give us a situation report on the BS project? Has it gone beta-phase already or still on alpha testing phase? Er... or BS is still on pre-alpha?:horseback
  7. ED should be careful with the detail of these vehicles. I understand that in a gunship simulator more close detail is required but remember to make 3 to 4 LOD's for the models. Imagine a columm of 12 strykers without them...
  8. Well personnally I think both the F-22 and F-117 have a very 'cool' design. If you want something ugly, try out the delta wing EF2000. That one appearence is uncreative. Lol.
  9. That SpeedTree technology is also being used in The Elder Scrolls IV Obvilion if im not mistaken...:cool:
  10. They dont. Well at least not with me. Start one training missions then go to the options screen and see if you can change any setting. I cant.
  11. Hi, I have been trying 1.11 and have found some slight bugs: 1. A small bug still remains: the rendering of the fuel tanks of the Su-25T. If I remember right, last time I tried it didnt render the tanks, i.e. you cant see them. Well one of the dev.s knew of this bug, so I cant understand why wasnt it corrected. 2. The Km distance to waypoint indicator on the Hud of the Su-25T is screwed up. When you are aproaching your waypoint and reach 5Km distance of it, the indicator instead of continuing counting down starts counting up. Like this: Su-25T (Distance Indicator) - 5.1 Km -> 5 Km -> 5.1 Km Instead of: 5.1Km -> 5.0Km -> 4.9Km At least it happened to me on the first Flaming Cliffs campaign mission. I think thats all, but you better also check the training missions. Start one of them, then go to options. Last time I tried it the options didnt work.:rolleyes:
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