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  1. Normandy seems to be more popular in multiplayer, it is larger (and an update/expansion is planned, with London and Paris, I think), but less detailed and somewhat geographically inaccurate (UK side is practically not modeled currently beyond coastlines and general landscape) Channel is beautifully detailed, has airfields of all shapes and sizes, and is somewhat easier for visual navigation since terrain is more detailed and thus more distinct features can be found, plus it looks more "diverse" terrain-wise. Also, more historic campaigns are made on Channel map as far as I know (the newer ones by Reflected at least). I have both, Channel was first, then I got Normandy and liked it as much as Channel. I wouldn't refund either.
  2. I thought ED were going away from FC3-like modules and trying to split those in a separate game (but not much is heard about that anymore), leaving DCS with fully modeled clickable aircraft only. IMO people wanting to play with planes with not-fully-simulated systems and controls currently have more options than those who want as-realistic-as-possible systems, full controls and a lot of clickable switches that actually do something.
  3. Magdeburg-Berlin-Seelow area map and lend-leased vehicles would be the compromise variant, appropriate for both European fronts. Purely Eastern front stuff probably won't come to DCS in our lifetime in the near future, at least from ED themselves. And late war vehicles can be used in post-WW2 scenarios too, anything that didn't participate in the war won't fit the scope of WW2 assets pack. Imagine the framerate above Berlin though...
  4. We can start with most used Lend-lease vehicles like P-39, Hurricane and P-40 (those will (kind of) fit not only Eastern front but Europe and Pacific too) and liveries for Shermans, M3A1 etc.
  5. This issue have disappeared completely since the update that was released after I made this post. Also, I have found the file, see post above yours.
  6. Do you link any engine controls (Boost+Throttle or Prop)? Was Prop RPM lever all the way forward and pitch control in auto? Was manifold pressure below 52''? Applying turbosupercharger boost on takeoff may result in overboosting and bad things happening to the engine, especially if oil temp is below 50 or RPM is below 2700 (or even <2550).
  7. This can probably be explained, but still, this departure should be looked at, just in case. Also, in the video you have strange AoA readings on HUD, those can't be correct IMO. NATOPS mentions cases of high-speed departures caused by simply rolling the plane (one example - 25k ft at 0.89 Mach indicated), and states SAAHS departure resistance effectiveness loss proportional to altitude and Mach number ("At 0.85 IMN at 20,000 feet there is roughly half the dynamic pressure acting on the jet as there is at the same IMN at 5,000 feet. In practical terms, that means that the aircraft has half the stability at 0.85 IMN at 20,000 feet than it has at 0.85 IMN at 5,000 feet due to decreased control power"). If you had flaps in cruise mode, this could have made the situation worse (0.87 M is the speed limit for that mode, flaps should be placed in AUTO, this will gradually retract them to less than 5 degrees). Rudder deflection is prohibited at >0.80 Mach. Thrust vectoring is prohibited above 30k ft at AoA near stall. And engine ratings above 102% RPM are limited to 15 minutes uninterrupted, but this probably won't cause such departure. Also, I flew 600+ nm mission, only problem I encountered was running out of oil, which is correct since standard oil tank filling for Harrier is for 4 hours of flight, and I got low oil pressure warning at roughly 4 h 10 min. I wasn't flying higher than 32000 ft and faster than 0.8 Mach though, and engine rating timing was closely monitored and not exceeded.
  8. Razorback would be wonderful, even if it was a separate module. WW2-centered portion of ED is small, sadly, but this won't be a full scale module development either, and post-release support would be pretty much completely shared with existing D-30/40. And razorback does look better )
  9. Tactical manual mentions that in multiple AUTO release mode (and other modes) point should be placed in the middle of desired impact pattern, with odd number of bombs one of them will hit that point, with even quantity they will be spaced around it. AFAIK the fix is planned.
  10. Did you change MFD gain or contrast (or overall brightness) prior to uncaging IRMV? I often use the same MFD for EHSD and Mavs since you can select them from EHSD page in A/G master mode, and to make map and symbology clearly visible I set gain to almost minimum. If so, try increasing gain and playing with contrast. New DCS IR implementation makes stationary vehicles really hard to discern from background, thus bringing IRMV usability and range closer to reality, but I didn't encounter such severe range reduction, my Mavs usually locked from 8-6 nm, and in ripple subsequent missiles were immediately locking on uncage. Laser Mavericks can be better if you have the time to loiter a bit, they reliably lock on from 12-10 nm, and lock exactly what you are telling them to lock, not some tree or power line pole (seeker orientation is kinda wonky at the moment, it should center it's search pattern on designated point, but it can drift far from it in vertical axis, and doesn't reorient itself unless it is caged). Firing 4-missile ripple is not practical with LMAVs, but reliable precision and range are preferable usually.
  11. Scroll bar current position marker in drop-down lists changes size depending on amount of stuff in that list. If there is enough things, the marker disappears completely, making scrolling through the long list inconvenient and long. Can minimal size of position marker be limited so it stays visible? ^Unit list contains a lot of statics, so scroll bar position marker was scaled down so much it disappeared completely^
  12. IRL this LIDS caution light takes time to illuminate, thus NATOPS instructs to hold LTS TEST until it comes on. In DCS this behaviour is not modeled, but the guide was made with future features in mind (hopefully) or was based on real life one.
  13. Can the battery be drained? How long it takes to do so in flight without generator?
  14. Are there consequences of low RPM on the ground? (like spark plug fouling)
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