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  1. I too find WACQ mode inconsistent, but I put it down to the length of time it takes to complete a full scan … too many bars and too big an angle to cover; vertical scan and boresight just focus on a much smaller areas of sky. It just depends on where in the scan pattern the target is.
  2. You want your pagefile on your fastest disk
  3. Interesting. I have 32GBs of RAM installed and recently set my pageing file to a fixed minimal size ... DCS started crashing! I didn't put the 2 together, but the ED support guys spotted it. Scary to think that 32GB of RAM is not enough
  4. This is a very insightful (and refreshing) post ... thanks.
  5. I too run a G1, with an older 7700K and would echo @DoorMouse's comment, I've over-clocked to 4.9Ghz but get a fairly steady 40-45FPs on most maps with slightly higher settings. Happy to share other settings if it will help.
  6. You’re probably right @Recoil16, a bit low, but it was it was quite a shock the way it popped up in VR
  7. All good @Rich. I am sorry if the title appeared provocative and I don't wish to imply the Discord post was edited to change its meaning, merely tidied up. All the best in the comp
  8. The original Discord post has subsequently been edited, so doesn't match my partial original quote, but as you are aware, I was asked to post here by your team: 'Our only reasoning is that until Tomcat itself is affected, its a fair solution. So get on HB to do so! '. It was not posted to cause trouble, it was posted to get a response from HB/ED. As I said on Discord, I think its disappointing, but Its your competition, and you can make the rules as you choose and I will try my best to abide by them - the opening rounds look awesome BTW, and I look forward to taking part. I fly the 14 pretty much exclusively, so have no idea if the 14s ECM causes more issues for the 120 than other ECM ... hence my original comment that I'm not saying its true or false; hence@Karonits not a bug report and therefore not posted in the bugs sub-forum.
  9. 'they won't like it' ... Why the passive aggressive response? If you have nothing useful to add, why do you bother to comment? You play the game your way, let others play it their way.
  10. Hi @IronMike, you asked to be alerted to any particular perceived 14 issues in parts of the competitive community. Tomcat ECM has been banned in SATAC: 'many are saying that tomcat jammer makes 120s new seeker behave rather dumb at times, making tomcat too survivable when ECM is used. On top of this, it isnt fair when all other AC are affected by jammer but not tomcat itself! Especially since f14 also has the best missile in DCS at the moment' I'm not saying its true or false, but would appreciate it if you'd comment, thanks.
  11. I've certainly used a few map markers in MP with VA ... things like MAP MARKER 1 to HOME BASE, etc, but not sure what happens if you try and use lots. The documentation suggests it should work up to 10.
  12. I guess you use a steerpoint to get you into the approximate area, then 'EYEBALLS' to get you onto the specific target, then 'HEAD CONTROL' to fine tune ... it works, but there is a lot to do correct ly first time. Great implementation by HB though.
  13. Just did a quick test on GS and it didn't crash So, fingers crossed! Good spot @Flappie, many thanks. I also checked RAM usage in SP and it hit 29GB ... bonkers! Looks like I'll have to be going for 64GB next build.
  14. Thanks John, but I don't think I install the additional nvidia app. I have a 512GB M2, with just Windows and DCS, VA, Tacview and OBS ... and in the last download it ran out of space! I'm an IT guy, so do go through directories pruning Windows bloat. Time for an update. Happy New Year to you too ... keep up the great work guys, DCS is truly awesome! The clouds, even gen1, just blow my mind.
  15. Ok, I'll try changing it to 32/32 ... I changed it when the recent update ran out of space on my drive. Not sure that with 32GB of RAM it should be using the pagefile, but I'll give it a go, thanks and let you know how I it goes.
  16. Prior to this update, very stable, only one crash that I can remember in the last few months. No recent changes to hardware (7700k, 32GBs RAM, M2, HP G1 VR etc) - now very frequently crashes, usually when spawning in and SteamVR dies. Happens frequently in MP and just happened in SP. Tried loading debug DLL, but game fails to load. dcs.log-20211231-170837.zip
  17. Hi, if I bookmark the DCS World main forum (https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/119-dcs-world-27/), it takes me to the top of a long list of subforums and I have to scroll down for the first posts ... is there a tag that I can append to take me to the first post automatically?? Thanks
  18. I had a Rift and Rift S, then switched to an HP headset, a couple of years ago after FB's actions ... the HP headsets are excellent, but you need a fairly high spec PC and spend a little time getting them working - worth the investment in time and money. I get a fairly steady 45FPS on most maps, on fairly high settings. PS> I have a 7700k with 32GB of RAM and a top end video card and fly the 14 almost exclusively. PPS> I flew with TIR for years ... after switching to VR, I've never gone back
  19. Its just a question of time .... it won't be classified for ever But I guess it may have all been binned by then
  20. Weren't the 22s planned to have chin arrays?? I assume these would have been used for tracking targets when in the notch ... did they every get them?
  21. It would be really helpful, if rather than say 'Adjusted ...' perhaps be a little more specific, ie. 'Increased F110 fuel flow for mid-power settings.' or decreased ... please??
  22. Check your engines are producing the same power output … on my TM setup, when I push both throttles forward, the right one is a little forward of the left, hence I often drift left on take off Although it’s not usually as violent as you describe.
  23. Absolutely amazing! Can't wait ... gen1 clouds have been excellent
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