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  1. At school my geography books classed Caithness, Orkney Islands and Shetland as Artic Tundra. The hills and moors were bare up until comparatively recently when Fountain Forestry started planting wide swathes of pine trees over Caithness in the 1980s. Trees had not grown on those wind swept hillsides for about 5,000 years. Trees would grow vertical up until they came out the shadow of the wall and then grow sideways with the wind, trees out of the towns look like an upside down "L" and don't get very big. Living there and flying out of Wick Airport, the Falkland Islands in the SA map feels very familiar.
  2. The Falkland Islands look real to me on my monitor and reminds me of the colours and textures that I used to fly over in Caithness and Orkney. Not explored too far away from there yet so cannot comment on the rest of the map yet. My monitor is calibrated as are my TVs and my cinema, good visuals and sounds are important to me
  3. It seemed so far away... Meanwhile the F5 is getting a hammering on the store page...
  4. Ya'all know that Tomorrow never comes?
  5. 53:00... "Save your beer money..."
  6. Mine is 329GB at the moment for the actual game, plus a couple of folders with mods and such to be swapped in and out when needed.
  7. 500GB for the DCS drive, but it also has a map and resources I have been working on for a few years for a well known tank simulator. I don't have all the modules, and really only use the Open Beta, I have 2 1TB NVME Samsung 970 EVO drives, one for the system and some productivity software, the other holds my Steam folder and that is all, the DCS is on a 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD, and another Samsung 850 EVO 500GB for a large space game, and a flight simulator for my drone.
  8. On a similar theme, we have Nightwish's tribute to Gene Shoemaker And With Professor Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth
  9. Ohhh only 137GB remaining on the SSD for DCS, getting tight ...
  10. I have a 1TB M1 for system drive and DCS on a second 1TB M1 both Samsung EVO 970 drives if memory serves right, with a 1TB SSD for documents/saved games etc. etc. Works well
  11. Did not watch/follow the full flight just the hour or so around the time she was supposed to over fly our town in Belgium, she was about 40 minutes late arriving and she flew low and slow, our local airfield, Sanicole, was packed out with people come to watch her, it was too busy for me, I really do not like crowds. So I watched her flying past my house just south of KeeBee airbase.
  12. The Lancaster was visiting sites where Lancaster crews had lost their lives, there are quite a lot over here, it was a memorial fly-over.
  13. BBMF Lancaster is coming over our town in Belgium next Wednesday as part of commemorating those that fought in Limburg during WW2 and also to commemorate the loss of a Lancaster at Beverlo on 12 May 1944 Bommenwerper uit Tweede Wereldoorlog doorkruist woensdag Belgisch luchtruim | Instagram VTM NIEUWS | hln.be
  14. This is one I'm looking forward to! And this is close to where I live, As in Belgium, which is close to the Dutch Border is where Lancaster Mk III LM580 DX-L crashed on the night of 21/6/1944 (The town is called As, it is near Maasmechelen)
  15. Are we going to get Gobekli Tepe on the map? It's about 14NM south of Şanlıurfa International Airport
  16. For Phantom Phans Ian Black did a book featuring the UK Phantom available at firestreak books pheaturing Phantoms phrom 1968 to 1992 Firestreak Books – We are Specialists in Aviation Photography & Techical Books *I have Ian's books on the EE Lightning and they are high quality productions using photographs that Ian has taken himself as a photographer flying the Lightning and Phantom.
  17. Once it is released then we have a way of following the career path of "Roger Ball" John Monroe Smith from F-4 to F-14
  18. Now that they have announced the Phantom which comes with the J79 engine, maybe we can get a U2 with a non afterburning J79
  19. I'm on Win 11 and the Cougar is working fine (almost) on that, one axis on the micro stick on the throttle is a bit short on range just means it goes slower left/right, apart from that Win 11 has recognised it and CCP works Edit: just had a flight and the microstick was working just fine I have changed out the pots in the joystick and throttle with the @Rel4y replacement magnetoresistive sensors, they are working great as the x axis in the joystick was spiking really badly.
  20. Ahhh, Nutty, been a long time since I seen him, an eccentric dentist if I remember right Aye fond memories, now what did I do with my Foxy patches
  21. Sitting on a real F-16 the seat is quite reclined, there is a lot more of your weight on your back than on your butt, it's actually quite comfortable and your feet are elevated with no real weight on them. The instruments are a lot closer to you than you would think, it did feel smaller than the cockpit of a Cessna 150 I used to fly. Sorry no idea of the seat angles
  22. Here is an article about thermal IR and how it works in different types of fog, it is in reference to the equipment in the link I posted above, it does put some numbers to the results. Can Thermal Imaging See Through Fog and Rain? | Teledyne FLIR
  23. Raymarine market a FLIR for boats that has somewhat similar functions as the IRST It has IR search and track in both IR video and thermal imaging, can link to the radar and track plotter/chart and using AIS identify what other ships, buoys, or unidentified targets are around you. FLIR M500 Ultra High Performance Multi-Sensor Camera System | Teledyne FLIR The gyro-stabilized FLIR M500 cooled thermal camera is our most technologically-advanced M-Series pan and tilt camera ever. Designed around a cryogenically-cooled 640 x 512 pixel Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal sensor, the FLIR M500 excels at both short and ultra-long range target detection and identification. It features a 14X continuous optical thermal zoom, a color HD camera with 30x zoom, an LED spot-beam, video tracking and radar integration. This is available on the commercial market, expensive, yes, but they are being fitted to motor yachts and getting more popular retrofitted to older yachts.
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