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  1. I hadn't read that before, so thanks for pointing it out Rich. Now, someone remind me when ED are getting back to working on an AFM'd 27? What was that? Pardon? Oh... Andrew McP...still dreaming his life away ;-)
  2. A thread with more pictures and some movie clips of the flight. The movie clips may not behave very well though. They're certainly not working at the moment. (Edit: the first one didn't work, but the other two clips did) http://buccsociety.conforums.com/index.cgi?board=pfyt&action=display&num=1192736329 There's a very nice movie clip of a landing and takeoff on this page... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=488349&in_page_id=1770 And another great clip here... Andrew McP
  3. That's an interesting, but awful story, especially the last bit. Fancy having to make that split-second decision about leaving your daughter behind or dying yourself. Obviously there'd be little time to think about such things, but... what a truly awful predicament. My only connection with the Vulcan is seeing them fly overhead occasionally when I lived in Buxton. It's one of my few early memories, stood in a field watching a big V-shaped aircraft going over... I assume it would've been a Vulcan anyway. Andrew McP
  4. Sorry to make work for you, but I hate this policy of moving (potentially) interesting posts away from the only forum where people actually look regularly. My experience with movies shows that if you post in the movie forum, hardly anyone notices. Post in the main forum and you'll get a lot of interest. I certainly never look here unless I see a "moved" link and follow it. I understand your position though. Next time I'll forget the "OT". ;-) Andrew McP
  5. A recent fast taxi run. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSboTXYrgJg I haven't found any flight footage yet. There must be some, because Sky News covered it briefly, apparently. Some photos hot off the press here... http://forums.airshows.co.uk/cgi-bin/ukarboard/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=36;t=39547 Andrew McP
  6. A good day for aircraft enthusiasts everywhere. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/leicestershire/7049694.stm Hopefully there'll be some youtube footage uploaded soon. Andrew McP... very disappointed by the latest BS developments, but elated by the real world stuff. On balance it's been a good week after all!
  7. Don't worry, I realise there are as many types of American as there are types of European. We all have bits of our culture which we're not so proud of. :-) Andrew McP
  8. Agreed, that video should have a comedy health warning. I nearly bust a gut laughing! "Prepare for Freedom's thunder!" Still, it illustrates nicely just how wide the cultural gulf between the USA and Europe can be at times. It's an interesting aircraft though, and some bits of that routine are quite impressive. Ok, there's nothing there to match the kind of antics Migs and Sukhois get up to, but given the price tag on a Raptor I imagine the pilots aren't really allowed to push the envelope too hard. Andrew McP
  9. There's a whole heap of great shots in this thread. None of them are very large, but there's a lot of them! Look out for the first wing-launched bicycle and an extremely grumpy looking Russian air force (I think) bloke. There are a few of those whadjamacallits as well, you know the ones... Funkers, Fankers? Flankers! That's it. Apparently it's an aircraft of some sort. http://forums.airshows.co.uk/cgi-bin/ukarboard/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=10;t=37851 Andrew McP
  10. Great thread. Thanks for all the links! Andrew McP
  11. Hind shot in this thread... http://forums.airshows.co.uk/cgi-bin/ukarboard/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST&f=10&t=35468&st=0&entry451148 Stunning! Andrew McP
  12. I've posted a few pictures to this thread... http://forums.airshows.co.uk/cgi-bin/ukarboard/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=10;t=35369 Where there are some superb pictures being posted, and that's before most of the hardcore guys get back after departure day. My shots aren't too exciting, but it was an enjoyable weekend all the same. Well, apart from having my sunglasses stolen off my chair on Saturday, getting wet on Sunday, and leaving early to make sure I didn't get stuck for a train home, only to find major signalling problems, hugely packed trains even before the airshow rejects tried to get on, then a journey taking nearly three hours instead of one. Then there were problems on the Circle line in London just to finish the day off nicely. All in all, just a typical day out on British public transport. :-) Andrew McP
  13. Oh no you're not! The Vulcan is nowhere near finished and hasn't even had its (secret) test flight yet. The chances of it flying this year at anywhere public are slim if you ask me. They still intend to do it, but there are no confirmed dates and time is running out. http://www.tvoc.co.uk/forum.asp Andrew McP PS The flying Gripen display has also been scrubbed from Fairford, sadly. The Indian Su-30s are still there though and it looks like we *might* get something more than a simple flypast, judging by one of the photos from the hardcore spotters who've been there all week for arrivals and practise. http://forums.airshows.co.uk/cgi-bin/ukarboard/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=10;t=35153
  14. My gaming machine still has a CRT. I want Black Shark to be Black Shark, not Grey Shark! :-) Andrew McP... who won't be posting any pictures to this thread for fear of exciting desktop archeologists around the globe. I swear if you big deep enough into the debris and paperwork piled on it you'll find dinosaur bones! Well, ok, maybe a 486sx25 chip which I misplaced a while ago.
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