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  1. Dont know... but im sure i can see 4 bay doors on that picture 2 in the front part and other 2 in the rear..... all of then between the engines
  2. Well keeping this delivery date to 2019 will not help in the sales....but IMHO the real problem is the US governament in doubt if this kind of technology should reach south america rigth now...
  3. I was talking about the Gripen N :thumbup:
  4. Im not interested in WVR combat ..im trying to know how the BVR combat work on red flag.....if some kind of limitations was in place....because 60% win ratio is much bigger then i was specting
  5. In the end if the F-35 keep with this delevery date to 2019 the choices will be the Rafale and Gripen....IMHO If the Choose is the Gripen i HOPE it should be the NEW gripen
  6. Yeh i saw this info also.....but a friend with contacts in Lockheed office say it still avaliable.....but only if the delivers start in 2019 :cry: with some aquisition of the F-16 before that :huh: The info about the joint between Brazil and Argetina to build up the reactor is non sense.......the basic reactor plant is already finished. Actually the Brazilian navy is bulding up an facility to fully test the reactor...if you google it you will find pictures of it. Some non confirmed info says the French model is beging cogited to be the BASIC model to the hull......with 3 diesel eletric version builded in Brazil before the Nuclear version. Cant confirm but some people at Brazilian navy are not happy with teh U-214 problems previous cogited. The new Venezuela’s military race...have litle to do with Brazil ambitions rigth now...... the excitement of many people have one reason PETROBRAS and the new OIL FIELDS in the salt area.....this found will boost up Brasil to the 3/4 most inportant OIL producer in the world Actually Brazilian Navy and Air force have very difficult times in get this whole area protected...and with this new oil fields is almost impossible. In september 7 the new defense plan will be showed to the president. The minister of defense says the plan will not only let Brazil buy some "Fish" it will "Teach us how to get the fish" .....in his words it will be a new form of investment in the military industry...continuous and based on private corporation If this will happen only the time will tell fingers crossed.....sorry for the poor english cya
  7. You can notice the new radar cone in the F-5.....and if you look very close you will find it have only one canon....The removal of the second canon and the new radar cone have to bemade to fit the new radar
  8. An complete relatoru will be released int Brazil....dont know if they will have the score from the engagaments But we already have this kind of info Direct from the pilots already...but not with details of HOW they get this score
  9. Hummm not in the internal exercices Pilotasso...here actually the F-5EM have won all exercices Even in the CRUZEX exercice the F-5EM have won the combat against French Mirages... But i hope the F-5EM dont stay as the most advanced figther in Braziliam air force for so long.... we AGAIN ( and maybe till the end :) ) have opend an RFP to replace ALL active figthers in Brazil ( A1 , F-5 , F-5EM, Mirage2000 ) The actual choices are F/A-18E/F F-35 (Dont know if it will came with some restriction to stealth) Su-35 Thypoon Rafale
  10. The missile used is the Derby not the Darter..i have some info on the radar but nothing official
  11. GG i was not asking :thumbup: ..this is a real score in the end of the exercise the F-5 HAVE a near 60% win ratio over the agressors The pilot also told that most of the engagements occur at 30 / 40 / 50 miles and WHEN this combat happens within or less 18 miles they have f..up the mission somewhere. :smartass: I know that also GG this is why i wanna know what kind of limitations are aplied in the exercise :) the respawn areas are not IN RANGE to get you killed and i assume the BLUE force dont know where they can find it :D Im asking this because i wanna try to figure out the real capabilities of the F-5EM and its radar .....and to do that i need to know what kind of limitations was in plance during the exercise cya
  12. They figth against F-15 and F-16 in red flag
  13. an F-5 yes...but an F-5EM [modernized by Embraer and elbit] have near of 60% more victorys against the agressors... This is why i wanna know HOW realistic this kind off exercise are....this result really impressed me. And the pilot told the agressors have more advantages from the start like get back TO LIFE or GET REARMED automatically when they fly over some predermined point.
  14. Yes but this win ratio was on BVR engagements not in WVR.
  15. GG you know how realistic this kind of exercise are? Im asking this because the F-5EM from Brazil in the end have a very good kill ratio against the agressors [ F-15 65º Squadron and F-16 64º Squadron] the win ratio was near 60% above The F-5EM in nellis arent yet fully upgraded lacking the HMD and Data Link No one?
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