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  1. Well, for cryin out loud. They can't provide a program that tells you how to get your legitimate module to play nice with the OB version? All the other modules since Warthog were simple click and it updated and I was in cockpit in less than ten minutes. Now with Apache I get all sorts of install warnings...like "This does not work with Steam"....I KNOW THAT, skip that message. Complete waste of money.
  2. I have similar problems. I updated the Openbeta version and first it said I have no authorization. But then it continued. Eventually, I got to the main screen where the AH-64D was checked marked to install. Once I hit the button there was a long pause and then a message saying I was not authorized. I tried again, same message. I am now in the process of "Repair Install". What is going on here? I bought this over a year ago. Never had this problem with Hornet, AC-10, AV-8B, Super Carrier, or ANY of the maps.
  3. I'm losing interest. Fortunately I didn't put down any $$$ on an early access. Once the AH-64D comes out, bye bye to EF
  4. Same, Microprose F-15E Strike Eagle was my first before Novalogic and the "Excellent for the time" Jane's Longbow I & II. Lots of others followed. Still have them all on the original disks and packaging.
  6. Beginning of 2225...the year Covid 19 has run out of variants and businesses can no longer claim the pandemic as an excuse for why they drag their feet.
  7. yep, I guess I was just concerned about the folder DCS World Openbeta instead of just DCS World and was wondering if I would even need to change that. So, you're right, my bad.
  8. Well the thing is, the executable itself is openbeta.exe. I'd rather have the final executable than have a "Stand-by"
  9. I guess I could give you the link via PM. If a moderator would verify doing so is ok?
  10. Yes and that's why I asked. We can't have something on "Open beta" forever. It has to end with their most stable version.
  11. Well then, that being the case, it seems it would be more prudent to use the most recent openbeta if you would want to have at least some access to projects before you die. Wouldn't you agree given past trends?
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