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  1. Hi BuzyBee. Do I need some new codecs after 1.8.7beta4? Because when I playing media in Tacview (mp4 from the OBS), audio track is fine but video is delayed. " IMPROVED Video playback is now done via Windows Enhanced Video Renderer " Before this update all was fine.
  2. I found that Russian S-25L when shot in over ride mode, explode in mid-air in the sam way - disappearing before hitting a target. It's kind of weird behavior.
  3. Welcome in DCS Open Beta. Once you explore models in ModelViewer, you will find much more interesting things, that looks like not been use any more. I wonder why not? Not finished damage model? Maybe restricted for paid campaigns? >>> 2011 <<<
  4. It was. From 2.7 most weapons mods not working anymore.
  5. Wouldn't be better to back to previous state, when we could use weapon mods? ED could keep modules realistic, who need mod would use it. Just add a menu option for servers or ME - 'Allow weapon mods' on/off switch.
  6. I had this about 2 years ago. It's steam issue, google it you will find a lot. There is no need to redownload all files, you can copy those you have and steam should redownload only those missing. Then do validation and steam will fix all that was broken. Installed games are appearing as uninstalled https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8379-RYIP-2998 I remember that I solve this by delating Steam files from it's main folder and then allowing steam to re-download he's files without reinstalling. But if you doing all reinstalling, I would suggest to start from Steam client.
  7. Modified grass for DCS. Cows will go crazy again
  8. Hi. I wrote about this issue before in other place too. Issue: When I try to place a trigger with AI Task Push - AI ACTION has no drop down window with actions to pick from. See screenshot bellow. I found that this was made by a unit placed in a scenario via static template. It was a vehicle, APC Tiger with a triggers, and push task - play .wav. Once I remove that unit everything back to normal. It took me some time to find this one little... The bugged .miz is attached below, I remove all other units and objects from it. It looks like using static templates can bug .miz files in some fancy way. Steps: After opening attached .miz in ME : create a unit with some Task Push, then go to triggers and try to place a trigger with AI Task Push. You should see AI ACTION missing. Once you remove unit from Mozdok all works fine again. scenario_bugged.miz
  9. In ReShade I try to keep all to minimum. Small values do the biggest difference. For flying : Vibrance to desaturate and LiftGammaGain to make sky and clouds more blue like see irl on high altitudes, not yellow like we have in DCS now. 1.05; 0.9; 0.98 RGB Lift 1.0; 0.967; 1.0 RGB Gamma 1.01; 1.045; 1.08 RGB Gain I use Mustang's shaders permanently on. Good mod! Other fancy Reshade effects, like CA and all altering lights, I turn on only when going for screenshots.
  10. Hi. I found a good way to further alter saturation all at once, is to use ReShade. Using only one effect will not make difference in fps. Vibrance [Vibrance.fx] Settings: -0.250 RGB Balance: 0.670; 1.000; 1.000; If you like more natural looking colors. I wish we have saturation, contrast and brightness sliders in dcs menu, same like in other games. Well, maybe someday, once ED's will finish with clouds and lights. [Screenshots actually are old and was made with different Caucasus retexture mods.]
  11. Remember about Saved Games folder. Those files if not updated and keep for too long can generate issues. Remove all at once (do backup!), allow DCS to recover those files and then mess around if you have to. The settings.lua in Saved Games/Mission Editor can do funny things like that. I lost one .miz file in 2.7 already, 2-3h of my work - puff. Something like that never happened before.
  12. Super Green Caucasus = CGTC with Starway + little bit of ReShade.
  13. Hi. I believe it's \Mission Editor\settings.lua but I recommend to remove this folder to refresh all files at once. Something must be broken around this folder probably. I lost one of my .miz files while playing with Triggered Actions for units. Saving went wrong, I couldn't access triggered actions in Triggers for crating an AI push trigger. Then, I notice all actions was painted red inside a unit window. I had to click every single one of this action to have it grey again. How this happened? Probably by crating many of those at once or removing those or maybe by copy through clipboard a unit from other scenario. I can't recreate this step-by-step but will try some more. Then I had this error loading mission : [string "mission = ..."]:13716: unexpected symbol near '.' or can be with different numbers and and symbols. When I look at this file in Notepad++ it was not saved properly, more like half of it. Is ME 2.7 broken? Now I save a lot of copies when working with ME.
  14. Glow

    Better Labels

    Hi. Is there a way to make those dots non-visible through cockpit walls? Probably I should better drop this on Wishlist to ED.
  15. Any chances for a link here on forum? Up to ED's user files?
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