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  1. Hi Pilots, I am new to the DCS flight sim and I wanted to ask a question please. I have managed to acquire the Thrustmaster HOTAS but I am still waiting for my Thrustmaster peddles to arrive. Given this limitation would I still be able to fly modules like the F-16 or F-18 or the JF-17 in the meantime until my peddles arrive? Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  2. If I plug in the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS into DCS World does the filght sim automatically recognize this hardware and use a pre-configured profile to map controls to the HOTAS? Or do I need to update the settings in DCS World in order to individually configure the controls to the HOTAS? Thank you.
  3. Has anyone used the Smoothtrack app to control head tracking in DCS? If yes does it work well and is it hard to configure for use with DCS? Thank you in advance for any feedback.
  4. Thank you for the feedback. Not counting price is there any other reason you decided to get the Delan Clip?
  5. I was wondering how many players use TrackIR (not counting VR) to control their game play? I would think that trying to switch cockpit views using keys must be cumbersome especially if you are locked into a dogfight and you need to keep your head on a swivel.
  6. When I started playing DCS World I was lured down the path to install Open Beta. Unfortunately this decision cost me big time when one of the Open Beta releases was so bad that it rendered DCS World unplayable for quite a few weeks in my case. After that I gave up on Open Beta and now I only run Stable.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, it is much appreciated. I guess I can also look at the JF-17 as a F-16 "substitute" as comments seem to indicate that the jet is more complete.
  8. I am running DCS World Stable and I was thinking of buying the F-16 Module. Before I do so I wanted to get a feeling for how "complete" the F-16 is as of now. I have looked at the DCS World Stable Changelog and I see many updates to the F-16 Module. Are the basic flight, weapons, and operational characteristics more or less in place now? Damage models, etc? Major weapon and sensor systems? Thank you in advance for any feedback. Thank you in advance for any feedback.
  9. I seem to have a different issue with DCS Open Beta 2.5.6 43503. When I launch the new update the sim starts normally until it freezes a few moments later. I checked Win10 Task Manager and I see that the DCS task is Suspended. I checked the DCS Log and I found these error messages: 2020-02-17 15:23:06.517 ERROR EDOBJECTS: Destruction shape not found AVIASHTAB_CRASH 2020-02-17 15:23:06.520 ERROR EDOBJECTS: Object HB_F14_EXT_PHX_ALU with id=312 already declared in table MissileTable I ran the DCS Cleanup and Repair processes but it did not resolve the problem. I have submitted a Support Ticket now. If I revert back to Open Beta 2.5.5 the sim runs normally. Anyone else run into this?
  10. Is SRS the most used form of player-to-player communication? Or perhaps texting via Discard or some other app?
  11. What do players use for a headset & mic, any suggested models or brands please?
  12. I would like to get an idea how one player can communicate with another player while flying together in a mission. What hardware and software do we need for this process please? Do you need to add a microphone accessory to the PC? Or is communication done through some texting app? Thanks.
  13. The feature I don't like about the Tomcat is the need for the RIO. I keep hearing that the Jester RIO is not the best flying partner.
  14. I'm in the hunt for my first full fidelity aircraft module. I have been looking at a wide variety of choices and I happened to see that if you buy one of the DCS F-18 Bundles it is cheaper in price than buying the DCS F-18 Module by itself? I was originally thinking of picking up the JF-17 Module but the price of the F-18 Bundles seem to be a better deal considering what you get. I also read that the F-18 isn't that difficult a jet to learn as compared to the Jf-17 so I'm thinking that going with the F-18 Bundle is the best choice. I just wanted to ask in case I am missing something that I haven't considered. Thank you. Also is it true that if you buy more terrain (e.g. F-18 plus Persian Gulf Bundle) this gives you more missions/campaigns to play plus it allows you more ability to join Multiplayer Servers?
  15. As a newcomer to DCS I am delighted to find such helpful tutorials like Chuck's Guides and other similar PDF content. Yet many of them tend to be massive (e.g. 400 pages) due to the technical nature of the jet systems. I was curious as to how experienced players review the material. Do you print off those large PDF's or do you view them digitally (like on a PC display or tablet). Being an older player I find it easier to study from paper but its fairly expensive to keep printing and binding 400 page manuals. Digital is easier to manage but I find that spending hours staring at a display to be eye straining and harder to absorb. I guess there's no easy answer but I wanted to see what other players do. Thanks.
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