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  1. Hi, When I tried to give DDCS a go after looking at youtube guides I found that I was already banned although I've never joined that server. Is there a way to request to remove the ban or they may be having IP restrictions.. I dunno.
  2. Makes sense, is that on known issues list?
  3. The Pulse Doppler can be confused in the case the return is close to the ground return, if the return isn't close, that signal, although within the velocity gate can be easily identified as target. Very basic processing can easily keep the target tracked, unlike when it's like within 100ft from the ground.
  4. I'd include the F16, JF17 (although better) and F18, the ones I fly. I really dunno about the rest, regardless of the radar detection range, why would those radars be notched by an aircraft flying so high above ground level so easily. It's so obvious if the return signal is coming back much earlier than the ground clutter. To my knowledge, notching is done at extremely low levels in order to hide your signal within the ground clutter, not at 25k altitude.
  5. Only if it's missiles will be able to pass the 10nm barrier.
  6. I guess there is an issue with ED engine to calculate drag at certain altitudes etc, DCS had issues calculating drag at low altitudes that made ED instruct DEKA to change some drag values, that is why it sucks now at low altitude. But that'll be fixed, it seems that ED with all 3rd parties will be joining together to create the new missile API. Let's wait for that.
  7. Could be right, I can simulate it on solid works when I have the time.
  8. The fighter turned 10g towards the missile from the notch direction (that's the worst situation for intercept), and that's offline, online is different story as the missile keep tracking even if notched. I don't say it's not capable of intercepting fighters, but intercepting 10g turns with 1km turn radius using 9.7km radius pull... Is actually very simple math, something is wrong, I don't know what, I'm just pointing that out, may be the missile API just make the missile takes the path as it wishes regardless of gs and turn radius, who knows. That also applies to the AIM120, it sometimes make illogical turns. But yeah they'll be fixing the API which is great, they're also doing great job updating things.
  9. 1. My assumption is based on the test parameters that I've done in game. The Phoenix intercepted empty Mig 29 pulling over 10gs in a perfect timing consistently, did it countless times, it only missed once and I guess it was notched. 2. Missiles max g is only applicable at their near max speed, because at lower speed the angle of attack will significantly lower the max allowable gs. The max 25g will be significantly reduced once the missile velocity goes below 4 or 3.5 Mach.
  10. Well... At 4.5 mach, with 25g pull the turn radius is 9.7km approximately. Goodluck hitting a 6g fighter doing defensive turn (that's around 500m radius)... It maybe possible only if it's turning away. That's simple mechanics. Also, you need to know that at mach 2 the missile need to pull nearly 3 times the g of the fighter to make the intercept, at mach 4+ that multiplies a lot as the turn radius increases exponentially with speed. Acceleration = V^2 / R - - - - simple physics. Intercepting a 7g target requires much more g capability, a 9g target is another story. That's why no one design such a missile to hit fighters. You'll have much more chance hitting the fighter using an agile missile traveling at less than 2 mach (maybe 1.6+). That's why a ramjet missile like the Meteor is real a big deal. Watch how an F16 pilot abuses his turn radius to evade SAMs.
  11. Even 25gs isn't good enough, at that missile speed 25gs will barely grant you a kill on 5g target. 9g targets will require over 50++gs with that missile speed, and 40+gs with AIM120 speed. Everything is good with that missile mechanics, but intercepting a 10g target is just too much for me justify.
  12. Thanks a lot, I couldn't find it under the know issues, that's why I asked. Didn't refer to the bug reoorts.
  13. A/A Radar targets not appearing Hello, Have you guys experienced the issue if having bandits not appearing on your RADAD MFD although you are scanning the correct elevation? To my experience, I had to move the radar scan elevation up and down in extreme manner to get the target to appear. Is it a known issue or it's me doing something wrong. Also I'm not a noob by any means. I created missions where I placed the bandit at optimum altitude, but still couldn't get it on the MFD until I did the trick stated above.
  14. What he said is true, but is applicable to all missiles (I guess), missiles, all of them, keep tracking when notched, but they don't explode, so if you notch a missile it'll keep tracking you and may acquire you anytime being at the perfect position. All those things will be fixed... We just need to be patient.
  15. It doesn't work, I don't have issue with the missile range and speed etc it's good, tracking is ok for now, it'll be fixed in the future, but the maneuverability part is ridiculous, that missile can pull unlimited gs and will do any intercept, only a perfectly timed 12g pull towards it may (may) make it overshoot.
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