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  1. I second that by adding if your sam, and aaa, and your coalition/team mates aren't stopin me - I am coming in. vulching is not my objective at all, and I'll never take off with that in mind. But if I arrived somehow in that specific area, and I have an opportunity, I wont hesitate, unless it is clearly specified in the server rulez.
  2. Hi Bearitall first of all, thanks for puting time and energy into this ladders organization that should (and will) bring a positive impulse to the lockon community. I have a little favor to ask you regarding the country list of the ladder. Could you please replace Yugoslavia by Serbia. Yugoslavia doesnt exist anymore as a country since 2003, after all its republics breaked apart (balkanization in its finest...). Our squad, =4c= SERBIAN VIRTUAL FIGHTERS, represent virtual pilots from Serbia active in lockon community since day one and participating in all great lockon events such as LOMAC LEAGUE, RED FLAG, BLACK SEA SHOWDOWN, COOPERATIVE ARCHER, and no doubt will be active on that ladder also. Serbian official flag that you can use for the amended country list: Thanking you in advance Best Regards
  3. thx felas Mugatu, I'm not sure yet, which mac I'll purchase, will know more later this year, when I'll be ready to purchase and then I'll check what's hot in mac stores. A friend of mine told me about bootcamp, and u guys here confirmed that it is possible to run lockon with no problems on mac.
  4. how is lockon runing on it? Im seriously considering to purchase a mac this year, and would like to know if it is possible to instal lockon, hl, relative drivers etc.... I-ve heard about a software for os x and leopard on mac giving the possibility to install win and softwares that are not made for mac. please raise ur voice if you're a mac lockoner! :-) thanks!
  5. first impressions, really not good I've remember various info posted about earlier.. better afm, speedtrees, extended terrain, ground units, new jets in the future... news posted some years ago... lots of news that made "foaming" lots of simmers in here including myself and then one by one, those improvements were removed we wont use speedtrees better afm only for KA-50 and now what bs = only ka-50 and no lockon compatible that will be when.. 2008 ok, in 2008 only one chopper will be the deal then a new flyable every 9months, lets say 1 year (still optimistic) means we will have A10 in 2009 means we will have SU, MIG, F15 ready by 2015? actual active lockon community can ask what kind of improvements/innovation will be in lockon patch 1.13 and for when is it planned? still loving lockon, but 2003 to 201x is a long way and as a true russian military jets simmer, I dont see good new stuff comming in a near future
  6. indeed, some friends from London came to my place and we had 2 days in a row of heavy clubing activities, and lots of shlyivovitsa :-D
  7. Today is the 8th anniversary of our squadron! founded on September 17th 1999 we started on arcadian novalogic f16/mig29/f22 and were active till 2001 then parachuted to Operation Flashpoint for 2 years and in the same time were keepin AA activities with Flanker 2 and finaly all started with LOCK ON MODERN AIR COMBAT since day one, in 2003. :-)
  8. here some more pics from that airshow http://mitrowsky.fotopic.net/c1347381_1.html
  9. Together we were then, true, and we could continue that way, if we were less dumb instead of following various nacionalistic idiots on all sides and get into that crazyness in the 90's. Strong... that is relative Back then communist propaganda pumped our heads with lots of we strong, we nice, blabla... 4th strongest army in the world and other nonsenses.... Now we no more together, balkanisation process in its finest made the job.... but lets be good neighbours :-) ahmmm, sorry all, lets avoid politics... Joe Kurr & Wasserfall, thx for sharing the experience and pics - reps inbound!
  10. Excellent! Expect the active participation of our squad! respect n' reps inbound
  11. Hajduk bro, I dont know from where you pump that never endening energy for R-27EA, like your life is depending on it :-)
  12. you're right Frostie for me, being on CET (Central European Time) it does change to Zulu time zone depending on daylight saving time: in winter (+1 H), in summer (+2) yeah, because of that we both mixed 2 squad match rendez-vous first time you mixed up things, second time we did :-D but we're good hopefully for the next one ;-)
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